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Vision, Mission, and Goals


The vision of WISER is a world with sufficient and affordable sources of clean energy and water, and a sustainable climate to ensure quality of life, social and economic well-being, and the preservation of natural resources and the environment for future generations.


The mission of WISER is to continue to: play a major role in Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) academic activities by creating a culture of excellence, innovation, and diversity, and developing state-of-the-art research, education, and outreach programs; improve IIT's visibility and reputation; support IIT's Strategic Plan; and attract high-caliber and diverse faculty members and students, major interdisciplinary grants, and philanthropic funds to IIT.


The goals of WISER are to continue to:

-- Develop state-of-the-art education, research, and outreach programs in areas of energy and sustainability; focus on the application of computational research in line with University Smart Goals and Strategic Priorities; attract research and educational grants and contracts; work closely with the deans and provost to attract high-level and diverse faculty members and students; and work with IIT Office of Institutional Advancement to attract philanthropic funds to establish WISER scholarships.

-- Launch several initiatives that will expand the interdisciplinary perspective of the research, education, and outreach programs in the energy and sustainability area; set a new high standard of excellence in energy and sustainability education and research at IIT; and develop research programs in partnership with global and local industry, national and research laboratories, and domestic and international universities.

Wanger Institute for Sustainable Energy Research (WISER) serves as an umbrella organization to enhance and promote research, education, and outreach activities at IIT that are related to energy and sustainability. WISER also coordinates the initiation of research collaboration internally between IIT faculty and externally with other universities, research laboratories, and industry. More than 85 Faculty Affiliates are currently involved with WISER across the various colleges, research institutes, and centers at IIT.

WISER goals include broadening the curricula by introducing interdisciplinary education in energy and sustainability, with a continuing focus on interdisciplinary large-scale innovative research at the graduate level and student participation in research and interprofessional and entrepreneurial team projects at the undergraduate level. We seek to attract more women and minority faculty members and students and faculty by creating a more welcoming and diverse community within WISER and working closely with University colleges and the Office of Admissions. We also plan to increase our outreach programs and work closely with the communities around us. Our plan also demands significant research and educational partnerships with universities inside and outside the United States, industry, government and research laboratories, and collaboration with local communities, the City of Chicago, and the State of Illinois.  We have identified several education and collaborative research areas of high priority for WISER and are focusing our effort to attract significant funding and to secure needed resources to assume a national leadership role in these areas. At present, these areas are: Sustainable Electrical Grid and Sustainable Energy Integration (which includes the activities of WISER's largest research center: the Robert W. Galvin Center for Electricity Innovation), Climate Change, Fundamental Research in Sustainable Energy Systems, Sustainable Development, and a computational research focus across all research areas related to energy and sustainability.

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