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Urban Agriculture Program

Urban Agriculture Program

The vision of the Urban Agriculture Program is to significantly advance our understanding of urban food systems, with a particular focus on evaluating and improving efficiencies in critical technical, social, and economic aspects of urban food production.

The goal of the Urban Agriculture Program is to:

  • develop a novel system to provide insight into efficiencies and inefficiencies through all stages of the urban food process;
  • continue designing and building pilot-scale urban outdoor and indoor agriculture test facilities on the urban campus of Illinois Institute of Technology; and
  • conduct social experiments to identify gaps in economic and social perceptions and, thus, assess the acceptability of novel technological innovations to food production for existing and prospective producers and consumers.

WISER Interdisciplinary Seed Funding (WSFG) Projects

"R&D for Growth: Toward a Center for Sustainable and Efficient Urban Agriculture" (2015)
Brent Stephens (CAEE), Co-PI: Roger Cooley (ARCH)

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For more information, contact:
Alvin Lee, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Director
Center for Food Processing Innovation