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Transportation Program

Transportation Program

The vision of the Transportation Program is to conduct basic and applied research along the pathway to advanced and sustainable transportation systems.

The goal of the Transportation Program is to:

  • develop novel navigation and control systems for transportation (cars, high speed train, and airplanes);
  • integrate sustainable energy including energy storage in transportation systems;
  • conduct research on autonomous transportation systems including research on safety, monitoring, and fault detection and isolation;
  • develop more efficient hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) drivetrains and power electronic converters; and
  • develop clean and efficient utilization/combustion of alternative fuels in transportation systems.

    WISER Seed Funding Grant (WSFG) Projects

"Facilitating Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Integration through Multidisciplinary Research and Partnership on V2G Topologies and Building the Case for Development of a Market Simulation Tool" (2010)
Alireza Khaligh (ECE), CoPIs: Navid Sabbaghi (SSB), Vivian Weil (Ethics), Abdellatif Miraoui, Univ. of Tech. of France

"Quantum Chemistry-based Determination of Oxidative-Aging Pathway of Asphalt and Development of Bio-based Sustainable Solutions" (2014)
PI: Tongyan Pan (CAEE), Co-PI: Jeff Terry (PHYS)

"Using Psychology to Train Technology with Power-Assisted Wheelchairs" (2014)
PI: Mahesh Krishnamurthy (ECE), Co-PI: Eun-Jeong Lee (PSY)

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For more information, contact:
Zongzhi Li, Ph.D.
Professor of Civil and Architectural Engineering
Director of Transportation Engineering and Infrastructure Engineering and Management