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Lewis College of Human Sciences

Department of Social Sciences

PS 329 - Politics of Global Warming - F

Reviews politics and policies relating to global warming using a multi-disciplinary approach. Students look at its anthropogenic causes, impacts on human society, potential mitigation strategies, and policy responses. The course also examines the different issue areas connected to global warming: the environment; public safety; national security; economics; and national prestige.  (3-0-3)

PS 338 Energy & Environmental Policy - R

Traces the economic and political implications of dependence on fossil fuels and the attempt to develop alternate energy sources and promote conservation. Assessed are the environmental effects of resource consumption and the effort to control these effects through increased efficiency and regulation of pollution. The course explores such problems as nuclear waste, acid rain, global warming, and deforestation, and examines national and international attempts at economic, political, and technological solutions.  (3-0-3)

SSCI 359 Humans, Ecology, and Environment - F

Examines the relationship between humans and nature, including reasons for some well-known ecological catastrophes in human history. The course traces changing attitudes to the environment and explores various measures that have been offered to solve problems, for instance, the Green Revolution, sustainable development, renewable energy, "clean" technologies, and the potential social and ecological consequences of these solutions.  (3-0-3)