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Carbon Management Program Overview


To continue the development of WISER’s globally recognized program in carbon capture and carbon-based fuel and waste gasification at Illinois Institute of Technology toward the realization of carbon-based fuel as a secure, environmentally acceptable, and economically feasible near-term supply option during the transition period from fossil fuel to natural gas to totally renewable energy.  


The goals of the WISER Carbon Management Program are to:

•    Develop cost-effective, novel sorbents and the most efficient processes for CO2 removal and design of novel processes for CO2 separation using the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) approach
•    Obtain the optimum design of carbon-based fuel gasification combined cycles
•    Develop state-of-the-art, efficient, and economically feasible emission control processes for removal of environmental pollutants such as NOx, SOx, and H2S from the hot gas stream


The strengths of the WISER Carbon Management Program include a strong interdisciplinary team of engineering faculty with internationally recognized expertise in fundamental research, practical applications, and mathematical modeling in three core areas:  CFD modeling and scale-up of gasification processes; CO2 separation and sequestration modeling and experiments; and hot gas cleaning.

—CFD Modeling and Scale-up of CO2 Separation and Gasification Processes

 Advanced design of gasification processes is being achieved using the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) approach.  The CFD approach applies kinetic theory to gas/particle flow systems in CO2 sorption and gasification processes to obtain optimum design. This research is considered to be one of the major contributions toward scaling up such processes from the laboratory and pilot level to the commercial level.  Specific projects include:

  • Based on the kinetic theory, WISER faculty developed a theory and model for the flow of multi-sized particles that is being used in the design of CO2 sorption and gasification processes. This model is being incorporated in the DOE’s MFIX (Multiphase Flow with Interphase eXchanges) computer program, developed at the National Energy Technology Laboratory.
  • A novel approach was developed by WISER faculty to predict particle size distribution variation in the fluid/particle and fluidized bed processes due to particle reaction, agglomeration, and breakage by linking population balance equations with CFD.  Using the method of moments in a finite-sized domain (FCMOM) and a complete set of orthogonal functions not only provides a highly efficient computational system, but also calculates reconstructed particle size distribution. This research represents a major fundamental step in enhancing the design and simulation of fluid/particle systems such as carbon capture processes using solid sorbents.
  • A CFD model for the gasifier fuel cell was developed.  Because molten carbonate and solid electrolyte fuel cells produce more than sufficient heat for coal gasification, WISER researchers have developed a concept to combine the endothermic gasifier and the exothermic fuel cell into one unit to achieve very high efficiency.
  • WISER faculty are developing software modules to evaluate water management and potential freshwater reduction in power production plants using carbon-based fuel.

—CO2 Separation

  •  WISER researchers are working in several areas related to CO2 removal from gas streams at elevated temperatures using durable and regenerable sorbents, as well as improving and optimizing gasification-based process

—Hot Gas Cleaning

  • WISER’s Carbon Management faculty have demonstrated significant research expertise in the removal of pollutants and toxic products of combustion and gasification processes, including:
  • Development of highly reactive, durable, and attrition-resistant sorbents to remove H2S, SOX, and NOX from gas streams at high temperaturesDevelopment of more reliable emission control systems

For more information, contact:

Hamid Arastoopour
Henry R. Linden Professor of Engineering
Director, Wanger Institute for Sustainable Energy Research (WISER)
Illinois Institute of Technology
10 W. 35th Street
IIT Tower, Suite 1600
Chicago, Illinois 60616

phone: 312.567.3038

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