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Natural Gas Program

Natural Gas Program

The vision of the Natural Gas Program is to expand our research production and storage program in natural gas which is a transitional or bridging fuel to power our economy on our pathway to a sustainable economy with less CO2 emission in comparison with other fossil fuels.

The goal of the Natural Gas Program is to:

  • develop a novel numerical simulator that is capable of predicting natural gas production from unconsolidated gas hydrate reservoirs based on the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) approach;
  • develop a novel hybrid approach based on compressed natural gas (CNG), adsorbed natural gas (ANG), and liquefied natural gas (LNG) storage technologies; and
  • conduct research on the development of novel technology for efficient utilization and combustion of gaseous fuel.

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For more information, contact:
Hamid Arastoopour, Ph.D.
Henry R. Linden Professor of Engineering
Director, Wanger Institute for Sustainable Energy Research