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Bioenergy and Water Management Program

Bioenergy and Water Management Program

The vision of the Bioenergy and Water Management Program is to expand our research in the biofuel and water management areas to secure availability of drinking water and water needed for agriculture and industry, which are pivotal components in shortening our pathway to a sustainable economy.

The goal of the Bioenergy and Water Management Program is to:

  • establish a program on biological-based energy production and sustainability (BEPS) in collaboration with IIT's Institute for Food Safety and Health (IFSH);
  • continue to expand research on the conversion of algae to biofuel and the utilization of the integration of algae growth with coal/waste gasification processes to decrease the carbon footprint of gasification processes;
  • continue to expand efforts in the analysis and research of biofuels through their full life-cycle steps including: biomass production, conversion to biofuel, and engine performance evaluations of biofuels;
  • expand research in developing smart, energy efficient, and economically feasible wastewater utilization and treatment processes;
  • develop innovative approaches in using treated municipal wastewater to extract energy and replace freshwater in thermoelectric power plants, and
  • develop research in water desalination.

WISER Seed Funding Grant (WSFG) Projects

"Preliminary Studies in Support of 'EMERALD FOREST' Vision" (2010)
Fouad Teymour (ChBE), CoPIs: Wei Zhang (BCPS), Satish Parulekar (ChBE)

"Enhancing Bioethanol Production from Biomass Using Bacterial Hemoglobin Technology" (2010)
PI: Benjamin Stark (BIOL), CoPI: Krishna Pagilla (CAEE)

"Exploration of the Feasibility of Development of Symbiotic Photosynthetic Ecologies for Direct Production of Biofuels" (2013)
PI: Fouad Teymour (ChBE); Co-PI: Omar Khalil (ChBE), Satish Parulekar (ChBE), Philip Laible, Argonne National Laboratory

"Optimizing Biofilm-Electrode Properties for Developing Sustainable Microbial Fuel Cells" (2017)
PI: Seok Hoon Hong (ChBE), CoPI: David Sanchez, University of Pittsburgh

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For more information, contact:
Fouad Teymour, Ph.D.
S.C. Johnson Professor of Chemical Engineering
Director, Center for Complex Systems and Dynamics