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Show Descriptions


  • 21st Century Fountainhead
    Alejandro Saldana Perales

    The name is in honor of the 1943 romantic and philosophical novel written by Ayn Rand. A literary masterpiece and a celebrated book amongst architects all around the world.

    The show is about Architecture and the City. During this show, we will discuss some of the major issues related to architecture, urbanism, landscaping, politics, culture, demographics, sustainability, and economics. These major topics will always revolve around the common science and art that is Architecture. During the course of our show, we will listen to music that will evoke senses and ideas. Much unknown music will be heard here as well as occasional pop hits from all over the course of music history.

    So sit back and relax, while we take you to a place of no time and no space.

    Travis Morris

    A jazz showcase featuring legends both past and present, and providing a platform for the music of new jazz artists. Join The Afternoon Breeze Jazz Team as they play the music you want, when you want it.

    Alexander Cole Eisenberg (DF)

    noise // news // nonsense


  • Bollywood Musical

    With Bollywood Musical, get to know about Bollywood stars and enjoy their best of songs from late 1970s to 2000s. Embrace old melodies and wiggle on the new ones with live singing.

  • Boots and Cats
    Brendan Batliner

    Turn up with your host djb00ts as we jam to your favorite house, trap, dubstep, and bass tracks.

  • The British Invasion
    Miles Thompson

    Enjoy some British rock music from the 1960s to the modern era that is more than just the mainstream bands. Sit back and enjoy a trip across the pond.


    Jessica Heileman

    Music and interviews with local Chicago bands and bands playing shows at local venues.

  • The College Dropouts
    Nathan Cooper Jones/Narkis Garcia

    A show ironically hosted by college students who delve into the background and discography or a new artists every week with genres ranging from hip hop to alternative, from Kanye West to Bon Iver, from Gucci Mane to Kamasi Washington, from D'Angelo to Green Day. With co-hosts Nathan Cooper Jones and Narkis Anthony Garcia III, sit back and enjoy and comedic banter that will teach you more about the artists you hear every day and introduce you to new artists and genres you never thought you would hear or didn't even know existed. Tune in, listen, and learn!

  • Country Roundup
    Zachary Fleck

    Listen to all the country hits! Whether it's new or old, we've got!


  • Da' Booth
    Rob Waite/Derek Jones

    Resident DJ RTW and guests are rockin' the trax as they bring you the best in old/new school EDM as well as Top 40 hits through their mixes and mixes by other top DJs. Every Sunday they bring you a vibe to keep you movin' and warm for the weekend.

  • David’s Vault
    David Delgado

    David’s Vault enlightens listeners with musical creations from the Chicagoland area. All genres will be welcome, with a focus on hip-hop and R&B. Sit back, relax, and enjoy timeless music.

  • Diamonds and Rust
    Dr. Karl E. H. Seigfried

    Bang your head! Hard rock and heavy metal, from the beginning to the latest releases. Classic songs, deep cuts, new tracks, and in-depth interviews.

    Earl Hall

    Host The Duke of Earl spins the very best of classic soul, R&B/stepping, funk, disco, house, and occasionally hip hop, with periodic interviews of renowned artists, dancers, and other industry professionals. The music of this show is for the discriminating dancer and casual listener!

  • Duration
    Grant Nikseresht

    Streams of music shifting inside of (outside of, beyond) real or virtual environments. A rotating cast of guest DJs are featured, as well.


    Brian Stinson

    A blend of hip hop, R&B, and gospel music. Stinson aims to serve the listener by bringing new and fresh music every week, covering local and national topics that affect the listener, and providing an outlet for independent musicians to be heard.


  • How to succeed and DJing without really trying
    Pat Bartman/Brendan Kerrigan

    Follow the dynamic duo of Pat Bartman and Brendan Kerrigan as they try to crack the mystery of working a digital turntable.


  • Irie Breez'n
    Venesha Williams

    A sensual and provocative talk show that incorporates music mostly from reggae genre, and seeks to promote upcoming campus events


    Javi Sorribes

    Rock out to some of the best artists of all time! From Chuck Berry to the Red Hot Chili Peppers; passing through the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Guns N' Roses, Metallica and so many more. Join host Javi and his guests in the two most kickass hours of the week!

    Samuel Graham, Jr./Markane Alan Caldwell/Glenn Bloodsaw/Mikia Dameron/Russell Smith

    A music and talk show that features an eclectic mix of music and topics from social justice to fashion to sexuality to education and beyond. Sam Graham and his co-hosts also strive to promote entrepreneurs, small businesses, artists, independent musicians and labels — the works. Their segmented show "The Session" features specific and panel discussions from a male's perspective.


  • Mike's Coffee House
    Mike Machesky

    Enjoy a mix of mellow rock, alternative, indie, and R&B spanning from the late 60's to today. Every week, the spotlight will be put on a local coffee shop. Inspired by the playlist host Mike, a real barista, plays at the coffee shop he works at when not in school. Whether you prefer drip, pour over, or French press, sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy.

  • Mood Music
    David Sobel

    An assortment of music including but not limited to, 80s music, video game soundtracks, and indie pop and rock.


  • Nerdy Nonsense & Friends
    Jordan Mynes

    Third time's the charm. Nerdy Nonsense is rebooted, and this time we're bringing friends. The Nerdcore format is staying, but every now and then for the segment Wordy Nonsense we'll be bringing on a friend or artist and having them play their favorite songs and engaging in banter for at least half of the show. Wordy Nonsense will be of the eclectic genre, while Nerdy Nonsense & Friends's regularly scheduled programming will stay true to its roots with Nerdcore, VGM, Chiptunes, and a new focus on Nerdcore Adjacent music. We're after hours too, which means the pool of available music has increased significantly (y'all nerds are profane).


  • no its becky
    Ethan Castro

    No its Becky is WIIT 88.9FM Chicago's weekly dedication to Taylor Swift and her catalog of music from across the years and genres.


  • Orient+Occult
    Sarkath Sharma

    Fusion of tunes from Eastern Hemisphere with Western Hemisphere. A collaboration of blissful sounds from India and United States.


  • PG-13
    Pat Bartman/Garrett Weidle

    A two-hour alternative and indie music show where the two co-hosts will each pick 13 songs.


  • Radio etc.
    Asma Shuaibi/Sobia Sultana

    A spontaneous show that cannot stay on topic. Radio etc will play the best new hits, have round table discussions, ETC.

  • The ReUp w/ Malik Alim
    Malik Alim

    An eclectic mix of classic underground hip-hop and local hip-hop acts, featuring periodic guest poets reciting their socially conscious work live on air.


    Sharon Harper

    A show geared toward the baby boomers, seniors, the disabled, diabetics — a show about care. Every week Sharon invites guests in the community and surrounding communities who are passionate about a specific topic to talk about how to make things better for all generations, with emphasis on the seniors, diabetics, etc. It's good music and good dialogue from diverse perspectives in the community. The show also provides tools and tips on living well and sharing truths so that listeners can move beyond listening and create meaningful change in their lives.

  • Shomron on Air
    Shomron Jacobs

    I imagine many of you too-young-to-hit-the-clubs fans are at home. Tune into Shomron's show, add a strobe light and some glow sticks to the crib, increase the volume, and you might feel like you're there.

  • The Short Man’s Room
    Jon Decatorsmith

    Spooky head music for a Friday afternoon.

  • Soul For Souls: The Riches of Indian Music
    Nidhi Choudhary

    Have you ever thought why we always refer to a great journey as a fairy tale? A journey of mesmerizing songs can create several such fairytale moments. Deep dive into a journey of classics, cults, innovations and fusions. Hear the Soul, Suras and Thumkas from the melodious singer and RJ. Here's where every genre of Indian music will be celebrated and every innovation will be accentuated.

  • Sounds Of Mine
    Daniel Asuwata

    From R&B, pop, indie and country to EDM and trap music, join singer/songwriter and YouTuber, Dane, with his diverse collection of musical sounds for two hours of the music you want to hear! These just might be the best two hours of your day!

  • Sounds Of Names
    Daniel Asuwata

    From R&B, pop, indie and country to EDM and trap music, join singer/songwriter and YouTuber, Dane, with his diverse collection of musical sounds for two hours of the music you want to hear! These just might be the best two hours of your day!

  • Spanglish
    Jackson Conlon/Ana Amaya

    Hosts Jack and Ana fuse their musical and cultural influences into an hour long adventure from Panama to the Midwest and back. Featuring hot guests, hot takes, and even hotter rhythms.

  • Swear to Shake It Up (If You Swear to Listen)
    Quinn Castaneda

    A radio show with music from nearly every genre for those who want true variety.


    Nick Greyer/Pam Greyer
    An informative and interactive radio show that captures the excitement of the social revolution of fan-based toy, comic, and movie properties. Nick Greyer takes listeners on a weekly experience into the world of fandom, technology, and industry trends. 'The Toy Reporters' features a mix of interviews, trending topics, brand evolution, and a totally unique approach to the growth and expansion of the collectible toy and comic book markets. Our “Hot Topics” segment brings listeners into the heart of what’s happening now and puts them in the moment at the largest Cosplay trade shows including Comic-Con, New York Toy Fair, and C2E2. Films from Marvel Studios, DC Comics, Lucasfilm, and more offer listeners an opportunity to learn about exciting developments from directors, actors, producers, and studios as well as interviews with influential people directly and indirectly involved in the industry. 'The Toy Reporters' offers an important connection to STEM education through another special segment, "Tony Stark's Garage," that immerses listeners in the world of science through lively discussions on engineering, architecture, urban planning, and technology as experienced through the lens of action heroes, robots, futuristic cities and set designs.


  • Womyn POWER Hour
    Gabrielle Henderson/Jenny Pitcher
    A show dedicated to uplifting and inspiring the female demographic at Illinois Tech. We include segments such as Womyn of the Week (WOW!) and Fabulous Females, and play empowering music by positive female artists. Our main goal is to showcase the accomplishments and hard work of our under-appreciated, overlooked, and mistreated female faculty, staff, and students. We will highlight the intersectionality and inclusiveness of real modern feminism.


    Patrick Shelton/Dometi Pongo
    Live-mixed hip hop and R&B music presented by DJ Pat XKLusive and Dometi the Prophecy.