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Communication: Journalism of Science

For students attending: Waubonsee Community College
Who plan to major in: Communication: Journalism of Science

I. Core Curriculum Electives

  • A. Basic Writing Proficiency – A grade of “C” or better in ENG 101 will complete this requirement.
  • B. Humanities – Choose one course from the following subjects: ART (100-106), ENG (211-265), HIS, HUM, PHL, or RLG. 
  • C. Social Sciences – Choose one course from the following subjects: ANT, ECN, GEO, IDS (110-220), PSC, PSY (NOT 200), SSC, or SOC. 
  • D. Humanities or Social Sciences – Choose an additional course from section B or section C.
  • E.  Math and Science - Choose 21 hours of additional math and science electives.  Choose from Math 132, 233, 240 and/or courses not already required from the following subjects Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Geology, or Physics. Two courses must be in the same subject, and at least one course must be in a different subject.
  • F. Free Electives - Choose four courses with an IAI designation.
  • G. Minor Electives - The Communication curriculum requires a 15 semester hour minor. A maximum of three minor courses may be completed at Waubonsee Community College. Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs for additional information regarding minors.

II. Required courses for the Communication: Journalism of Science degree:




MTH 131

Calculus with Analytic Geometry I

MATH 151

BIO 120

Principles of Biology I

BIOL 107 and 109

CHM 121

General Chemistry

CHEM 124

PHY 221

General Physics I

PHYS 123

BIO 260 or CHM 122 or PHY 222

Human Structure and Function or General and Quantitative Analysis or General Physics II

BIOL 115 or CHEM 125
or PHYS 221

CIS 115 or CIS 110

Introduction to Programming or Business Information Systems

CS 105 or CS 110

Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs with any questions regarding the course equivalencies.

Updated October 2018