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South Suburban Community College

Aerospace Engineering 

Applied Analytics - Coming soon!

Applied Mathematics 

Applied Physics 

Architectural Engineering

Architecture - Coming soon!


Behavioral Health and Wellness - Coming soon!

Bioanalytical Chemistry 




Biomedical Engineering 

Business Administration 

Chemical Engineering


Civil Engineering

Communication: General Communication - Coming soon!

Communication: Journalism of Science - Coming soon!

Communication: Journalism of Technology and Business - Coming soon!

Computational Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Computer Engineering 

Computer Information Systems

Computer Science 

Digital Humanities - Coming soon!

Electrical Engineering

Environmental Chemistry 

Forensic Chemistry 

Global Studies - Coming soon!

Humanities - Coming soon!

Industrial Technology and Management

Information Technology and Management

Materials Science and Engineering

Mechanical Engineering 

Medicinal Chemistry 

Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics


Psychological Science - Coming soon!

Social and Economics Development Policy - Coming soon!