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Petitions and Appeals

Academic Policy Waiver

A student may request a waiver of an academic policy by submitting a petition to the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, through the DegreeWorks channel in the myIIT portal, or by sending an email to

Academic Status Appeal

A student placed on Academic Suspension by the university may petition the Academic Standing Committee to review the suspension. The student must present substantial academic or other relevant new evidence not available at the time of suspension in support of the petition for reinstatement. The chair of the Academic Standing Committee will determine whether the new documentation warrants a further review of the case.

Enrollment at Another Institution

An undergraduate student registered at IIT who wishes to enroll at another institution must submit a Transfer Credit Petition Form to the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs for approval prior to registration at the other institution. This includes registration at another institution for the summer term. Note: a course failed at IIT cannot be taken at another school.

Transfer Credit Petition Form