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For students attending: Oakton Community College
Who plan to major in: Humanities


I. Core Curriculum Electives

  • A. Basic Writing Proficiency – A grade of “C” or better in EGL 101 will complete this requirement.
  • B. Humanities – Choose one course from the following subjects: English (any course from 113-242, except 150, 210, and 212), History, Humanities, or Philosophy (not 105). 
  • C. Social Sciences – Choose one course from the following subjects: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science, Psychology (not 230, 231, or 240), Social Sciences (not 240), or Sociology (not 240). 
  • D. Humanities or Social Sciences – Choose an additional course from section B or section C, or a foreign language course.
  • E. Science - Choose ten hours from the following subjects:  Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, or Physics.
  • F. Mathematics - Choose six hours of math electives (MAT 143 and MAT 190 are recommended).
  • G. Computer Science Elective - Choose three hours of a Computer Science elective.
  • H. Free Electives - Choose four courses with the IAI designation.

II. Required courses for the Humanities degree:

  • A. Choose three courses in History, Literature, or Philosophy.

Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs with any questions regarding the course equivalencies.

Updated October 2018