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Computer and Cybersecurity Engineering

For students attending: Moraine Valley Community College
Who plan to major in: Computer and Cybersecurity Engineering


I. Core Curriculum Electives

  • A. Basic Writing Proficiency – A grade of “C” or better in COM 101 will complete this requirement.
  • B. Humanities – Choose one course from the following subjects: History, Humanities, Literature, Philosophy (not PHIL 110 or 111), Art 110 or 205 - 209, Music 106 or 107, Theater 105, 107, 110 or 111, or COM 102. 
  • C. Social Sciences – Choose one course from the following subjects: Anthropology, Economics (not ECON 100), Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Social Science, or Sociology. 
  • D. Humanities or Social Sciences – Choose an additional course from section B or section C, or a foreign language course.

II. Required courses for the Computer and Cybersecurity Engineering degree:

MTH 150 Calculus I / Analytic Geometry MATH 151
MTH 151 Calculus II / Analytic Geometry MATH 152
MTH 152 Calculus III / Analytic Geometry MATH 251
MTH 201 Differential Equations MATH 252
CHM 131 Chemistry (University Oriented) I CHEM 122
CHM 132 or BIO 111
Chemistry (University Oriented) II or General Biology I Science Elective (CHEM 126 or BIOL 107)
PHY 203 Mechanics PHYS 123
PHY 204 Heat, Electricity and Magnetism PHYS 221
PHY 205 Waves and Modern Physics PHYS 224
CSC 240 Advanced Computer Programming CS 115 and 116
CSC 280 Data Structures with Applications CS 331

Please contact Undergraduate Academic Affairs with any questions regarding course equivalencies.

Updated October 2018