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Core Curriculum Learning Goals

In concert with and complementing core learning objectives within the various degree programs, the core curriculum contributes significantly to IIT's overall goal that its graduates:

Be committed to positive change in their communities, nations, and the world, able to

  • Identify and analyze contemporary issues and problems.
  • Compare and contrast different points of view, both within and across cultures.

Think critically, viewing problems as opportunities for innovation, able to

  • Appropriately employ multiple quantitative and qualitative methods of analysis and evaluation.
  • Employ the best available technology to achieve solutions.

Collaborate professionally and ethically, able to

  • Work successfully with others within and across disciplines and cultures.
  • Identify and discuss ethical issues.

Communicate effectively, able to

  • Establish an objective, and clearly and cohesively support it.
  • Speak and write in a manner that does not require significant work by the audience to fill in needed information or to ignore linguistic distractions.
  • Speak and write appropriately within and across disciplines and cultures.