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Computational Chemistry and Biochemistry

For students attending: City Colleges of Chicago
Who plan to major in: Computational Chemistry and Biochemistry


I. Core Curriculum Electives

  • A. Basic Writing Proficiency – A grade of “C” or better in ENGLISH 101 will complete this requirement.
  • B. Humanities – Choose one course from the following subjects: Comparative Religion, Fine Arts, History, Humanities, Literature, or Philosophy (not PHIL 105).
  • C. Social Sciences – Choose one course from the following subjects: Anthropology, Economics (not ECON 133), Geography, Political Science, Psychology (not PSYCH 240), Social Sciences, or Sociology.  
  • D. Humanities or Social Sciences – Choose an additional course from section B or section C, or a foreign language course.
  • E. Free Electives - Choose two courses with an IAI designation.

II. Required courses for the Computational Chemistry and Biochemistry degree:

MATH 207 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I MATH 151
MATH 208 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II MATH 152
MATH 209 Calculus and Analytic Geometry III MATH 251
MATH 210 Differential Equations MATH 252
PHYSICS 235 Mechanics & Wave Motion PHYS 123
PHYSICS 236 Electricity & Magnetism PHYS 221
CHEMISTRY 201 General Chemistry I CHEM 124
CHEMISTRY 203 General Chemistry II CHEM 125
CHEMISTRY 205 Organic Chemistry I CHEM 237
CHEMISTRY 207 Organic Chemistry II CHEM 239
BIOLOGY 121 or BIOLOGY 115 Biology I or Human Biology BIOL 107 or BIOL 115
CIS 142 C-based Programming Language CS 105
CIS 144 Java-based Programming Language CS 201
CIS 244 Advanced Java Programming Language CS 331

Please contact Undergraduate Academic Affairs with any questions regarding course equivalencies.

Updated October 2018