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Students Abroad


Enrolling for Courses

  • Some universities will expect you to enroll for classes before you arrive. Other universities have a manual enrollment system and you will not be able to register until you are physically at your host institution. Some universities will not publish the course catalog until a few weeks prior to the academic year starting although you might be able to check which courses were running the previous year on the host’s website.
  • You may find that some courses you want to take are full, or have restrictions on them. It is often worth going to talk to the department in person to see if they can fit you in. You should ensure you have some backup choices, arranged with IIT’s Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, in case you cannot get into your first choice of courses.
  • You may be pleasantly surprised or incredibly frustrated by the registration process, but in the majority of cases it will soon sort itself out and you can settle down to your studies. If you experience any significant problems with registering and choosing modules (for example if you are still having difficulties registering after week two), you must contact the Study Abroad/International Office at your host university for assistance. If you still cannot register, contact the Study Abroad Office at IIT.

Course Changes

  • If you need to change a course while you are abroad, please contact the Study Abroad Office and we will work with you to make sure the credits are transferable.


  • Your study abroad classes will count as pass/fail transfer credits. Your GPA will not be impacted by your academic performance while abroad. Please make sure that you have arranged for an official transcript to be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs as soon as you have completed your coursework. Failure to do so will result in a delay in transferring your credits. Once the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs receives your transcript from the host university, and you have attended the re-entry session at Illinois Tech, the credits will be added to your IIT transcript. For the majority of programs, the course description on your transcript will read “exchange” or “study abroad program.”

Registering for the Following Term Classes While Abroad

  • You are responsible for registering for all of your courses for the following term while you are abroad. You can access the timetables and online registration at

Adjusting to the Academic System

  • Depending on your host country, you may encounter an academic system that is very different from the one you are accustomed to here at Illinois Tech. For example, many European university classes are large in size and do not require students to attend all classes. However, you will be responsible for the material in a single test at the end of the term. This will serve as the only assessment of the class. Faculty may not be as accessible as they are here in the U.S. through office hours and personal meetings. These differences can create significant challenges and as such, you are encouraged to research the academic system of your host country and carefully consider if you are prepared for the academic environment at the host university.
  • Suggestions for succeeding in a new academic system:
    • Get to know your peers; they will be able to tell you what to expect and share study tips.
    • Make a plan and manage your time carefully.
    • Research the writing style of your host country’s academic style. If it is unfamiliar to you, take advantage of any writing classes that are offered.
  • You are responsible for keeping a complete record of what you have studied at the host institution, including copies of all written work and any feedback you receive from professors regarding your academic progress.
  • Should you have any academic difficulties that might prevent the satisfactory completion of your studies, you should inform the Study Abroad Office and the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs at Illinois Tech, as well as the host university, as soon as possible.

Notice of Withdrawal

  • If you decide to withdraw from the period abroad once you have arrived at your host university then you must contact the Illinois Tech Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs as soon as possible about your options. It may be possible for you to slot back into the regular IIT semester, however there is no guarantee that can happen.
  • Students must officially notify the Study Abroad Office, in writing or by e-mail, of withdrawal from a program. It is not sufficient to withdraw an application on-line.


  • If you’re loving the study abroad experience so much that you want to extend your stay for another semester, you should let us know as soon as possible.  All usual permissions must be acquired before an extension application request can be made to your host university.
  • You may also want to try out another program, which may also be possible.  You will need to observe the regular deadlines for the upcoming semester and be extremely diligent in responding to emails, as arranging another study abroad program from abroad can sometimes be more challenging than being in the U.S.

Feedback Forms

  • The Study Abroad Office will send you feedback forms via email, which you should complete regarding the experiences you have had before leaving and while you are abroad,  This is valuable information that is passed onto future students.