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Funding Your Program

Funding your program

Whether or not you qualify for financial aid, there are many study abroad scholarships available for both undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Apply for Finacial Aid, even if you are not awarded anything this is a good place to look for loans
  • Research scholarships at IIT that may apply. Check with your department chair to see if any departmental scholarships exist
  • Remember to ask friends and family for support, or get creative to raise money with things like a GoFundMe or bake sale
  • Look at national scholarships such as the Boren and the Gilman 
  • Research, research, research. There are scholarships out there! 
  • Search international education scholarship databases, such as IEFA,, and
  • If applicable, research your Affiliated Program Provider’s website, as they too could offer scholarships to their participants.

External scholarships and grants offer an opportunity for students to offset the costs of studying abroad. Some scholarships and grants are highly competitive while others have very early deadlines. Read through the descriptions and websites carefully before you submit an application. If you need help with an application, do not hesitate to come up to the Study Abroad Office for assistance.

The following are just a few scholarship/grant sites for you to research:

General Study Abroad Scholarships

Regional Study Abroad Scholarships



Grant and Scholarship Opportunities for Graduate Students

Scholarships For Minorities

Specialized Scholarships

Other Scholarship Databases