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Researching Your Destination

  • Country-specific information is available at
  • The more you know about what to expect at your host institution/country before you go, the less likely you will be to suffer from culture shock when you get there. To learn about the culture of your host country, take advantage of the resources here at IIT and in Chicago.
  • Review the host institution’s website and research the local conditions, laws, legal system, political landscape, weather and culture of your host country.
  • The questionnaires in the Study Abroad Office offer invaluable hints, tips and feedback from previous Study Abroad students.
  • Contact other students going to the same university or area and arrange to get together before you go, travel together, and/or complete the paperwork needed.
  • Contact last year’s “study abroaders;” emails are available via returned questionnaires.
  • We can pair you up with students from your host country who can introduce you to the culture and language. Their first-hand experience of the host country and institution will be valuable as you prepare to depart.
  • The International Center, the Office of Multicultural Student Services and many IIT student organizations also host programs each semester that can help you learn about living abroad. Consult the following sites for a calendar of events:
  • In addition to participating in international events on campus, take advantage of the many festivals, ethnic restaurants, and cultural centers in Chicago neighborhoods.  For example, check out:
  • To get the most from your study abroad experience, learn more about the culture, language, and laws before departing. Buy a good travel book to research your host country. Lonely Planet Travel Guides  and Let’s Go Travel Guides are both excellent resources. You can also find country-specific information published by the United States Department of State.