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Travel and health insurance are your responsibilities and you must make sure you have adequate protection. Have you read and understood the small-print and arranged extra cover where necessary?

Health Insurance

  • It is imperative that you have health insurance that will cover you abroad. If you do not have insurance through IIT, confirm with your provider that the insurance will cover you in your host country for the duration of your stay abroad. Additionally, it is important that your insurance will cover emergencies abroad, including coverage for medical evacuation (not covered by most domestic policies).
  • Check with your insurance provider before leaving for detailed procedures and a list of doctors covered in the host country where you are visiting. Note that U.S. Medicare and Medicaid programs do not provide payment for medical services outside the United States.
  • If your insurance will not cover you abroad, it is strongly encouraged for you to obtain additional coverage. The following providers offer travel and health insurance, but more providers may be found online:

Travel Insurance

Don't forget to buy travel cover! Just because you have emergency health insurance it does not mean you will be covered for delayed or cancelled flights or loss of luggage or money while you travel in-country. The internet has competitive travel insurance deals that are usually cheaper than most travel agents. However make sure that you always read the small print before purchasing any cover. Try to ensure that your insurance covers cancellation of flights due to illness or other unforeseeable circumstances and also emergency repatriation. The ISIC card offers a modicum of coverage, but you and your family may elect to obtain additional protection.