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Diversity and Identity Abroad

Most students who have studied abroad describe the experience as both rewarding and challenging. For many students, some of the rewards and challenges may be directly related to identity. Being abroad will present opportunities to think about your identity in a new cultural context, and this can be a rewarding learning experience that challenges the way you think about yourself, your community, and your place in the world.

Illinois Institute of Technology is committed to building a diverse multicultural community of equal opportunity and nondiscrimination. The International Center carries out this mission and is dedicated to supporting students from diverse backgrounds as they travel abroad for international educational opportunities. While researching study abroad options, you may want to think about the different aspects of your identity and how you may be perceived and how those in the host culture will act towards you. We encourage you to explore as many resources as possible when considering study abroad in order to gain a fuller picture of the issues you may face in other cultures. You'll want to take part in the host culture as much as possible and should be prepared for the experience.

IIT Resources

IIT Student Center for Diversity and Inclusion

The IIT Student Center for Diversity and Inclusion provides programs, research, and advocacy, and advice on issues, policies and practices that affect the universities commitment to diversity and inclusion.

IIT Women’s Services

Women’s Services, a resource of Campus Life, offers students and families educational and social programming aimed at the personal development, retention and success of all students both inside and outside of the classroom. We address issues that affect both men and women on our campus and in our communities.

IIT Center for Disability Resources

The IIT Center for Disability Resources (CDR) ensures that qualified individuals with disabilities are provided an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from the academic and vocational opportunities available at IIT.

External Resources

Brown University's Diversity Issues in Study Abroad Handbook

The Brown University's Diversity Issues in Study Abroad Handbook is a collection of detailed reflections from Brown University students regarding various diversity issues they experienced abroad. You can also find additional information about diversity in study abroad here.

IES Abroad Diversity Resources

IES Abroad Diversity Resources is a third party study abroad provider. They have a commitment to the representation and integration of diverse perspectives, cultures, and ideas within their programs.

Women Travel Portal from Transitions Abroad

Women Travel Portal from Transitions Abroad is a listing of articles, women-only travel tours, books and websites.

CIEE: The Knowledge Series: Women: What You Need to Know Abroad

CIEE: The Knowledge Series: Women: What You Need to Know Abroad puplication that provides information for female students traveling abroad.

Women & Education Abroad

Women and Education Abroad is a great list of resources compiled by Colorado State University.

Race Abroad

Race Abroad is for Americans of color preparing to live abroad

Mobility International

Mobility International is an organization dedicated to advancing disability rights and leadership globally