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Steps to Study Abroad 

All students must first apply to be academically approved to study abroad through the study abroad office. Once your application status reads "approved" you can apply to your study abroad program. Applications will be processed on a rolling basis, and all applications will be considered if you apply by the deadline. IIT application deadlines are usually before partner deadlines, but please keep track of all necessary dates to ensure you are applying on time for all applications.

  1. Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss when is the best time to study abroad and what classes you should think about taking while abroad. 
  2. Review Study Abroad Opportunities 
  3. Meet with the Office of Financial Aid to discuss funding your program 
  4. Once approved by the Study Abroad Office, apply for your program
  5. Complete IIT portal materials
  6. Attend pre-departure

For more in-depth information please see below. 

Talk to Your Advisors

Discuss your plans to study abroad with your academic advisor to ask him/her if it will fit in with your major and your academic program.  Be sure to keep your other advisors in mind too.  For example, contact your athletic coaches and/or ROTC commanders to see if there are special considerations with regards to timing or requirements. With enough planning, you could easily work your curriculum around your study abroad experience.

Research Program Options

Finding a study abroad program that meets your academic interests and personal goals is an important first step in the international learning experience.  The more clearly you can articulate what you hope to gain from the experience, the easier it will be to narrow your program options. 

Learn more about program options and how financial aid transfers on our website.  

Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor

Once you have decided on a few programs that would work for you, drop by during walk-in advising hours. No appointment is necessary. 

If walk-in hours do not work for you, please either contact the Coordinator of Study Abroad or schedule an appointment by calling the International Center front desk. We’ll be glad to help you with the research and selection process and we’ll advise on program options and benefits.

Complete the IIT Application

After you have met with your Academic Advisor, the next step is to undergo an academic review and recieve approval from IIT to Study Abroad.  You will do this by starting an online application

Applications for Summer, Fall, or Academic Year programs are due February 15. Applications for Spring programs are due September 10.

Applications are reviewed and approved by the Study Abroad Coordinator. Once your application has been approved you will apply to your program, meet with Academic Affairs to get your courses approved, discuss costs with Financial Aid, and attend Pre-Departure Orientation.