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Faculty and Staff

Advisors, professors, and other staff members can be highly influential as a student considers studying abroad as part of their overall curriculum path toward graduation.  Faculty and staff at IIT play an integral role in encouraging students to study abroad and in helping them prepare for the experience.

Many students have never thought about study abroad or do not realize that they can fit it into their plans of study. Departmental advisors and professors play a key role in promoting the idea of study abroad to students, because you often have regular, early contact with students. 

Please look through our resources to aid you when advising students on studying abroad, or if you would like to help promote study abroad in your classrooms.

By encouraging students early in their IIT careers, the sooner they start to plan and the more likely it is that they'll have a more meaningful study abroad experience that relates to their major and does not delay graduation.  You can find a library of opportunities for a major here.

Mention Study Abroad in Your Classes

You can mention study abroad in your classes, during individual meetings with students and at extracurricular activities in which you're involved.  If you’ve had a personal experience of studying, researching or teaching abroad, relate the benefits to your audience.

Request a Classroom Visit From the Study Abroad Office

Study Abroad Office staff and student ambassadors are happy to visit your classes and meetings to make presentations about the value of study abroad and the opportunities available.  Presentations can be shaped to meet faculty and student needs, outlining general opportunities, study in a particular country or region, or programs with a thematic or specific disciplinary focus.  Normally, presentations range from five to twenty minutes, but can be adjusted to meet the needs of the class schedule.  Brief presentations introduce the concept of study abroad and give students a chance to ask questions of an academic advisor or student ambassador who has studied abroad.  To request a presentation, email

Promote and Attend Study Abroad Events

There will be many study abroad events throughout the year, including the annual Study Abroad Fair, information sessions, pre-departure and returnee events.  To stay up-to-date with what's happening in study abroad, check out our events calendar and become a fan on Facebook.

See What Former Study Abroad IIT Students Have To Say

To get a taste of what a great experience study abroad is for our students to be able to relate to your advisees/classes, take a look at our Testimonials page.

Stay In Touch With Us

Maybe we can help you promote your department/college’s new program abroad, or perhaps help develop an existing program.  Send us any promotional material you may have, drop us a line with any questions or comments to or just stop by and see us.  We’ll be happy to help.