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"Perhaps the best experience of my academic career, studying abroad gave me an opportunity to engage a new culture and evaluate myself, my role as an American and my place in a globalized world.”
Kevin Krupp - Copenhagen, Denmark

Priyanka Patel

"This was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I will never forget the cultures, the people I met, the friends I've made and most importantly the memories we all created together."
Priyanka Patel - Paris, France


"Studying abroad is definitely an experience that I would encourage everyone to take advantage of."
Carl Ekstrand - Brisbane, Australia


“My study abroad was the most memorable and unique experience of my time in college. It was absolutely amazing.”
Katsiaryna Shpak - Spain & Portugal


“I learned so much about other people and, more importantly, about myself. As my professor said, you sometimes have to go far from home in order to find out who you really are.”
Leena Suleiman - Casablanca, Morocco