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Myths and Realities

It’s Too Expensive

It Depends: Some programs are comparable in cost to enrolling at IIT. Some are more expensive and others are even more affordable. There are a variety of ways to pay for studying abroad, including scholarships, financial aid and loans. By planning ahead, you can speak to your family about the financial issues as well as save for your time abroad. The programs listed on our site are IIT-approved, which means that financial aid can be applied to study abroad in certain situations. There are also scholarships available.

You Need to Speak the Language

It Depends: While some programs do have a language requirement, many programs are taught exclusively in English and some are located in countries where English is either an official language (e.g. Australia, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Singapore, South Africa and the United Kingdom) or a secondary language (e.g. Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Italy, Japan, Korea, Sweden, Thailand and Turkey). The program pages will let you know if a specific program is conducted in English.

I won’t be able to graduate on time at IIT

Reality: The vast majority of IIT students are able to earn credit toward their major while studying abroad. The Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs will work with you and your advisor to choose courses at your host university that will transfer back to IIT, and therefore not delay your graduation. By frequently consulting and meeting with your academic advisors, students can even study abroad for an entire academic year without affecting their graduation date. In fact, some students study abroad two or three times and still graduate on time.

It’s too dangerous to live outside the U.S.

Reality: Most risks faced by students around the world are similar to those in Chicago and other urban environments. Your safety is of utmost concern to us so we closely monitor our programs, in addition to worldwide news and events, and all programs and cities are thoroughly researched before students are permitted to apply.

It’s too hard to apply and get accepted

Reality: Most of the students who meet the minimum qualifications and complete the application process are accepted to study abroad. We’ll work closely with you to find the program that best meets your needs and qualifications.