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2019 Student Speak Survey: March 1 – March 15

Starting in 2009, the Center for Research and Service conducts the Illinois Tech Students Speak Survey each year, a survey that is used to collect data from students about their experiences. The data collected are used to help identify areas where the university can further improve students' experiences and the results are presented to members of the university leadership (President, Provost, Vice Provosts, and Department Directors). We are only surveying five areas this year to allow us to focus most on areas that might benefit from student feedback.

As a part of this project, a committee of student volunteers (from the President’s Student Advisory Committee and others throughout Illinois Tech) is formed to develop and administer the survey. This committee is responsible for identifying the areas to be surveyed, interviewing the stakeholders to ask their opinions on the strengths and deficiencies, generating the questions, advertising, collecting the responses and finally presenting the results to the university leadership.

This is a great opportunity to make your voices heard. We need you to gauge what has been working well and what needs to be improved. The survey will go live on March 1st and continues through March 15th. Names of the participants will be entered into a raffle drawing where they have a chance to win $20 Visa gift cards.

Click here to take the Student Speak Survey or login to your myIIT portal to access the survey in your Welcome tab.