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Students and Supervisors Recognized During National Student Employment Week

The Student Employment office would like to thank all students, faculty, and staff who participated in this year’s National Student Employment Week. Sixty-nine student employees were nominated (see the complete list of student nominees here) and fifty-three supervisor nominations were submitted (see the complete list of supervisor nominees here). Beyond the number of nominations submitted, the quality of the nominations speak to the positive synergies between student employees and their supervisors. Thank you to everyone who took the time to highlight the ways in which you appreciate your student employees and supervisors!

See photos of events throughout the week on the Student Employment Facebook page.

Student Quotes

Supervisor Quotes

2017 Distinguished Student and Supervisor Winners

Distinguished Student Employee Winners

See the complete list of student nominations here

Michael Lenardi, Phonathon Manager, Institutional Advancement
Nominated by Joey Carillo
“Michael has been an excellent student employee for the Office of Institutional Advancement for about two years. He started as a Phonathon caller his Junior year at Illinois Tech and came into our program and absolutely excelled. He had such a great semester that I made him a student trainer to help newer callers become as good as he was. After a semester on our Phonathon Student Leadership Team he was promoted to our Manager position after our previous manager graduated. 

As a manager this year Michael has demonstrated excellent leadership, flexibility, and incredible amount of responsibility and follow through. Michael has maximized on the incredible amount of leadership potential that he has in our program and we will be sad to see him graduate this spring, although I know that he will go on to do amazing things. Michael has individually raised more than $23,000 in his time as a student fundraiser in our Phonathon program. He has incredibly strong rapport with the Alumni donors and we will surely miss having someone with the strong interpersonal communication skills that Michael possesses.”

Elvis Reyes, OTS, Lab Controller
Nominated by Jhirmack Paul
“I would like to nominate Mr. Reyes because he is one of the hardest working, dependable, dedicated, trustworthy and intelligent student employees I have had the pleasure of having on my team since I have been running the OTS PC labs group in 2013.

His role as a Lab Controller involves: Paper deliveries to all the OTS release stations across campus, inspection and maintenance of the printers, opening up of all the computer labs daily, managing inventory in our supply room, helping Lab users with any lab related issues, inspecting the classroom AV systems across campus every weekend and finally providing on site/in classroom support to facility/ students/staff who need assistance with the AV system.

In the midst of [many] uncertainties, he has never once neglected his duties or showed signs of discouragement towards his  academic and employment duties. He is also graduating this May and I really want him to know how much I appreciate all his efforts and I need him to know that he will be missed here within the OTS PC Labs group.”

Manoochehr Assa, Graduate Assistant, School of Applied Technology
Nominated by Scott Pfeiffer
Manoochehr is an outstanding student worker who goes above and way beyond on every project. He has increased efficiency in strategic marketing direction for the School of Applied Technology by building our social media presence on social media. He led social media marketing initiative including marketing campaign, flyer and video creation that resulted in obtaining 160,000 followers engagement in the senior week and ranking the first college within the university in terms of the most engagement and followers. 

He has organized and staged SAT students events as a member of student services team. He frequently photographs and videos events to be used on social media. He has also worked to create and alumni database of all of the School of Applied Technology programs.”

Distinguished Student Supervisor Winners

See the complete list of supervisor nominations here

Melisa Lopez, Service Manager, IIT One Stop
Nominated by Loreta Sutkus and Golzar Shobeiri
The reason I love working at the One Stop is because I was lucky enough to have such an amazing boss. Melisa is so helpful and patient with all of the students that come in. Many times I don't know the answers to student questions and Melisa is always there to help me out. She will sit down with students, give them valuable advice, and make sure that they feel welcomed and satisfied. Since we don't have any guidelines to what questions can be asked we often have to re-direct students to various offices or are faced with various questions. Melisa always makes sure that she checks all the available resources to find an answer and that the students leave with at least a direction they can in to get their answers or help. I always feel welcome at the One Stop and I appreciate how patient and kind Melisa is to all of her student workers as well.”

Megan Campanile, Stem Partnership Director, Academic Affairs
Nominated by Meghan Pickett
Megan is an incredible supervisor. She plays several roles in her position - mentor, director, program developer, teacher - and she transitions between them with ease. As an employee, I consider myself incredibly lucky to work under her, to learn from her, and to watch her development as a leader. In particular, I feel inspired by her ability to overcome the challenges of being a female leader. She has modeled how to remain a caring and passionate individual while still commanding respect. Megan has gone out of her way to give me opportunities to improve my skills and develop in areas that interest me. She frequently asks about where I want to be when my time at Illinois Tech is over and then works to create experiences and projects that will help me reach those goals.”

Nasir Mirza, Reserves Specialist, Galvin Library
Nominated by Marika Jasinski
“Nasir is an excellent supervisor and possibly one of the best I have ever had (and I have been in the working world for 15 years now). He is always cheerful and logical and fair. He keeps the department running smoothly and organized while keeping all the employees happy and motivated. He is one of the main reasons I look forward to coming into work because he always brings a smile to my face and gives me interesting projects to work on. I know I can always go to him if I have anything I want to talk about whether it concerns work or personal issues. He truly knows how to manage effectively and gracefully.”

Patryk Bednarek, Manager of Day Operations & Events, Event Services
Nominated by William Menzer
“My supervisor, Patryk Bednarek is one of the best people I've ever worked for. He is a true leader, not a simple boss. He is a leader who is willing to work side by side with his employees no matter what job we have to do. He easily addresses any and all concerns raised by clients in a professional and intelligent manner that puts everybody at ease. Patryk has brought about a work environment that is loved by all. He is easy to converse with and understands the day to day troubles of  an IIT student. It is truly a pleasure to work for Patryk at Event Services.”

Contest Winners

  • Shagufta Naaz: winner of gift basket (drawn from “Likes” of Student Employment Facebook page)
  • Shivam Inamdar: winner of jelly bean jar guessing contest (guess: 1,400; the actual total: 1,407 jelly beans) 

Professional Development Workshops


The Diversity and Inclusion workshop was held on Tuesday, April 11. Our guest speaker, Kimberly L. Weatherly, Ed.D., is the Director of Multicultural Affairs at Columbia College. Dr. Weatherly presented about how language, gender, gender pronouns, age, religion, race, ability/disability and many others and educate our students on how they can be more inclusive. She discussed the importance of and value in being more aware or other people differences in an ever changing society.

Budgeting and Financial Literacy

The Budgeting and Financial Literacy workshop was held on April 13, and provided students with resources to manage their financial lives. Guest speakers included Donna Rockin, Executive Director of the Jules F. Knapp Entrepreneurship Center, and Leticia Moreno, Senior Financial Aid Counselor. Students learned about creating budgets; building, accessing and repairing credits reports; and myths and advice about credit cards and scholarships.