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Winners of National Student Employment Week

Career Services and the Student Employment Office thank all students and staff for participating in our celebration of National Student Employment Week (NSEW). On Wednesday, April 13, we enjoyed all the candy, games, and jelly-bean-counting students who came to the MTCC bridge and left knowing that our department is a great resource for their on-campus job opportunities.

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Student Employee Winners

Students who were nominated by their supervisors for gift cards were entered into a raffle for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. Below are the winners and a quote from their supervisors.

1st Place Winner: Sara Torres, Event Manager at Event Services Department

“ The Assassin. It is nice to know that if anyone ever try to mess with any of our teammates, that her 25 degree black-belt in tae-kwan-do would cause some serious damage. Unless it happens on a day where she doesn't like her teammate at that particular moment, so she might actually help the other guy. Sara has been also responsible for the turnaround of the Lacrosse team winning ways, the year before they actually started winning games. Great person to have on our staff. Knows her stuff, will put down anyone in our department with her great work ethic. Is liked by everyone on our staff, because when Sara has a birthday party,everyone wants the night off. Plus Sara has a dog named Dutches.”

                                                                     -- Patryk Bednarek, Event Services

2nd Place Winner: Sanjyoti Patil, Student Assistant at Graduate Admissions Office

“ I nominate Sanjoyti Patil as a valued student worker.  I find Sanjoyti to be a pleasure to work with as well as a dynamic leader and team player. She is extremely organized and a dedicated hard worker. Sanjoyti was able to develop a strong rapport with students and staff almost immediately after being the only student assistant we had working for the summer. I found her dedication and reliability to be invaluable throughout the summer, which lead me to select her to take on the Supervisor student assist role in less than three months of being hired. Sanjoyti has took the lead on assisting in training all new student workers which totals to 11 new hires.  Her attendance and punctuality is outstanding.  The feedback I regularly get from other Staff is that her dedication to our office and her sense of responsibility make her a strong asset to our team. Sanjoyti has proven to be a dedicated Student Supervisor who takes her job very seriously. I would strongly recommend her as your next Valued student worker.”

                                                                     -- Lashonda Holloway & Joanette Catino, Graduate Admissions Office

3rd Place Winner: Daniel Kosmas, Greek Life Office Assistance at Residence and Greek Life

“ Dan Kosmas has been the Greek Life Office Assistant for two semesters and has been phenomenal. Dan is always willing to help and completes tasks effectively and in a timely manner. Dan works ahead and always is proactive in his position. Considering his involvement in the Greek Community, Dan is very knowledgeable and a huge asset to the office. Dan also is always smiling. He could be labeling folders or hanging a bulletin board but always has a smile on his face. Dan arrives early to every shift and has impressed me with his worth ethics. Dan is studying abroad next semester and deserves recognition for being outstanding. He is also involved across campus and has held other student employee positions. Dan is very deserving and exemplifies great work ethics while caring tremendously about the work he is doing. Dan also is willing to help others in the Residence and Greek Life office. He deserves to be recognized for his outstanding contribution to his position.”

                                                                     -- Koryna Bucholz, Residence and Greek Life


Acknowledged Supervisors

We are so proud of these winners and all student employees on campus. We are also happy that these students have awesome guidance and delegations. That’s why we also asked student employees to nominate their supervisors to enter them into a raffle. Below are the top three picks who will receive a certificate for being awesome and a quote from their student employee.

Darla Ware, Marketing and Communications

“ Darla is helpful, caring, and always positive!”

                       -- Maria Torres, Student Assistant

Libby Hemphill, B.A., M.S., Ph.D., Humanities Department

“ She has a sound knowledge not only in our research area but also in how to mentor her students. She is very helpful and gives me lots of constructive advice. I trust her.”

                         -- Xi Rao, Undergraduate Research Student Assistant

Orland Carter, Office of Technology Services

“ He is a young knowledgeable man who always has a smile on his face and is always there for a helping hand. Plus, he's pretty 'chillax' and he tends to engage with us about current educated trends during work.

                       -- Theos Economos, OTS Client Services

Jelly Bean Winner

To put students' analytical skills to the test, we challenged them to guess the number of jelly beans we had used to fill a jar. Most students took a detailed and mathmatical approach to their guesses. Karthik Selvaraj was the closest with 390; there were 392 jelly beans in the jar. Karthik took home a well earned sugar rush.