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Spring Reminders

Important Reminders for Supervisors and Approvers of On-Campus Student Employees:

  • Compliance: Students are not permitted to start working until authorized by the Student Employment Office. Please wait until you receive the “Finalized Payroll Authorization” email to ensure compliance with labor laws.

  • Supervisor Responsibilities - Timesheets: Supervisors are responsible for seeing that their student workers complete and submit a timesheet every two weeks. This includes communicating timesheet deadlines and providing timesheet instructions. The deadline for student timesheet completion in the Work tab of their MyIIT portal is 10 a.m. on the Monday after the pay period ends. Supervisors have until 4:00 p.m. that day to approve the timesheets.

  • New Supervisors: New supervisors of student employees need to complete the student employment supervisor training prior to supervising students, submitting an EPAF, or approving an EPAF.

  • Always include CWIDs: Please include the student’s CWID (“A number”) in your correspondence when emailing the Student Employment Office.

  • PA Revisions and Paper PAs: For position updates to students working on campus (pay increase, changing the end date, etc.), or for PAs that cannot be entered online (for part-time students, for example) please use the paper PA form. This can be scanned and emailed to

  • Avoiding EPAF Double Entries: If you have submitted an EPAF and you need to make changes to that EPAF, or if you need to make changes to current student employees (pay increase, end date changes, etc.), submit the paper PA form or contact SEO. Do not submit another EPAF for corrections to students who are already employed; this will create a duplicate hiring request for that student, which can result in duplicate timesheets and multiple payments.  

  • Student Requirements for Hiring: New student hires need to print their paperwork, fill it out, and submit it to the Student Employment Office. Once an EPAF is complete, an email is generated to the student with a link to all hiring forms, a direct deposit form, and the university Confidentiality Agreement.

  • SSNs: International students who have applied for but not yet received their Social Security Card can still submit their paperwork to the SEO with the confirmation receipt they acquire from the Social Security Office. They do not need to wait for the actual card.

  • Posting Jobs in Handshake: In order to give all students an equal opportunity to apply and interview for open positions on campus supervisors are required to post all on-campus jobs (including FWS jobs) in Handshake. 

  • Late Timesheets: Supervisors can add and approve the time worked in their timesheet review list until 4:00 p.m. on the Monday after the pay period ends. After that, supervisors must fill out a paper timesheet adjustment form, sign it, and have it submitted to the Payroll office in Tech Central, 4th Floor. Payment will vary depending on when the form is submitted to Payroll.