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Job Offer Letter


This form is completed by departments when international students need a social security letter, and in other special hiring circumstances.

The job offer letter is required by the Social Security Administration to apply for a SSN. Typically, this form is only used by departments when a student is ​not hired through the electronic payroll authorization form (EPAF) system, though there are a few exceptions (e.g.: TA/RA/GA students and ARC Supplemental Instructors).


Completing this form generates a letter in the form of a PDF that is automatically emailed to You will also receive a copy as confirmation.

If you are​ ​the submitter or supervisor, please do not print this letter. It will be printed by the student employment office, who will then email the student to pick it up within two (2) business days and give the student additional hiring information.​

Student First Name: *(required)
Student Last Name: *
Student ID: *
Department Name: *
Student Job Title: *
Job Description: *
(e.g., clerical duties, etc.)
Estimated Start Date: *
Estimated Hours Per week: *
Supervisor's Name: *
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Supervisor's Title: *
Supervisor's Phone: * (MUST BE FULL 10 DIGIT NUMBER)
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