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Employing International Students

General Information

In addition to standard required hiring documents, eligible international student need a Social Security Number (SSN) in order to work in the U.S. Please review employment requirements listed on the Illinois Tech International Center website. Hiring information for supervisors is outlined below.

  1. Students can find information about international student eligibility for on-campus jobs on the student page
  2. If a student needs to obtain a Social Security Card, the supervisor will either submit an Electronic Payroll Authorization Form (EPAF), or a paper Payroll Authorization Form (PA).
    1. EPAFs: For most on-campus jobs, hiring departments can submit an EPAF in the MyIIT Portal. (See directions above.) This will automatically generate an email from the I-Center instructing the hiring department to print an offer letter on IIT letterhead that will need to be signed by the hiring department AND the I-Center.
    2. Paper PA: If you are not able to submit an EPAF, you will need to submit a paper PA and print and sign a Job Offer Letter for the student employee, below. This letter will be printed on IIT letterhead by the Student Employment Office. The student will take this letter to the I-Center, and the I-Center will produce a second letter authorizing the student to work. The student will take both letters to the Social Security Office.
  3. View information about the application process for a Social Security Number.
  4. Students are able to work on campus using the receipt letter from the Social Security Administration stating that they have applied for a Social Security Number, with the expectation that the SSN will be produced at the Student Employment Office within three weeks (15 business days). 
  5. Contact Student Employment  or the International Center with questions.

Job Offer Letter Form

An additional job offer letter form is to be used to produce a hiring department job offer letter for student employees  for which supervisors cannot submit an electronic PA form (EPAF), and have to submit a paper PA form. The purpose of the job offer letter form is for the student to apply for a Social Security Number. 

If a hiring department has already submitted an Electronic Payroll Authorization form (EPAF), they do not need to complete this form. The EPAF will automatically generate this letter.

The following types of student employees are not covered by the Electronic Payroll Authorization form (EPAF) system; for these types of positions, use the paper PA form and job offer letter form below:

  • Teaching Assistants
  • Research Assistants
  • Graduate Assistants
  • Graduate stipend holders
  • Working Fellows
  • Any other position for which the hiring department has submitted a paper-based Payroll Authorization form (PA) to the Student Employment Office (SEO).

Instructions for Supervisors

  1. Complete the form below. (Please read through the information and exemptions above beforehand.) For the job description, be as specific as possible (i.e.: responsible for filing, answering phones and emails, and greeting visitors).
  2. The student is responsible for submitting a separate Social Security Letter
  3. The International Center will write a Social Security Letter within 2-3 business days.
  4. The student brings the hiring department job offer letter to the International Center after 2-3 business days to pick up their IC Social Security Letter.
  5. The student takes the hiring department job offer letter and Social Security Letter to the Social Security Administration to apply for a Social Security Number (SSN).

Click here to complete the Job Offer Letter form