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student hiring POLICies

The Electronic Payroll Authorization Form (EPAF) system for student hires requires that supervisors of student employees, timesheet approvers or proxies, and any administrative personnel who submit PAs complete training and pass an associated quiz before hiring students. If you have completed training, the Student EPAF channel and the workflow worklist channel will automatically appear, within 72 hours, in your MyIIT portal. Read more about this training here.

Resources for Faculty and Staff

The SEO has developed useful resources for supervisors of student employees for hiring, training and evaluation, including: interview questions with screening template, student onboarding checklist, warning notice form, request for additional hours (temporary), student employment acknowledgement letter, a performance evaluation template, and more. See the resources here or on our Forms and Documents page.

Hiring Information

  • Effective July 1, 2019, the new minimum wage requirement is $13.00 an hour.

  • 2019 EPAF: The last day hiring submissions will be accepted is 6/15/2019 and will end 6/29/2019. If you need the student(s) to continue working after 6/29/2019, you will need to submit a 2020 EPAF.

  • 2020 EPAF: We will begin accepting hiring submissions for the fall semester 6/16/2019 until 6/27/2020 for all hires that need to start after 6/30/2019. If you have a student employee whose position will end on 6/29/2019, in order for them to continue working July 1, you will need to submit a new EPAF starting the week of June 17. Otherwise they can no longer work because their job will have ended in the EPAF system.

  • Students can work up to 40 hours during the summer (until August 19, 2019) and up to 20 hours during the Fall and Spring semesters, all jobs combined.

  • Students who are not enrolled in classes for the summer:

    • Domestic Students (United States or Permanent Resident) hires that are not enrolled for the summer semester cannot be submitted via the EPAF. If you would like to hire US and /or PR Non-enrolled students for the Summer 2019, you will need to Submit a paper PA to Kathryn Potts for manual entry. When completing the Paper PA enter “6325” in the Account field of the FOAP. If you have questions see the tax requirements on the SEO website. If students are enrolled 3 hours or more they are eligible to be entered in EPAF.

    • International Students that are not enrolled for the summer semester are eligible to be hired through the EPAF system.

Federal Work-Study Allocations

  • As of fall 2016: 65% of students' earnings will come from the FWS program
  • The remaining 35% will be paid by the department up to the eligible award amount.


Students are not permitted to work until their employment documents have been submitted and approved. Supervisors and student hires will receive an employment authorization email from the Student Employment Office when paperwork is processed and approved.

Please follow processes on this website for hiring students.
Hiring Students