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U-Pass FAQs

Can I use my U-Pass when class is not in session?

Your Ventra U-Pass keeps on working as a regular Ventra Card between semesters and switches back to being a U-Pass when school is back in session. Load transit value for regular fares or even passes (3-Day, 7-Day, etc.). More information

I just picked up my new card, can I use it right away?

You will first need to call 877-450-5328 and activate your card. Once it is activated you can use it immediately.

How do I add money to my Ventra card?

If you register your card at you can manage your account online

How many times can I use my U-Pass per day?

As often as you want (you can't reuse your card at the same station or on the same bus line for 10-15 minutes). The U-Pass allows you unlimited rides on the CTA, anytime, anywhere, any reason.

Why does my card say insufficient funds?

Your Ventra account has a negative balance. This typically happens when you use it on PACE or you tap it more than one time at the same station or on the same bus line with a 10-15 minute time period. After you pay the negative amount your card will begin working again. If you need help trying to determine when your account went negative you can call Ventra Customer Service directly or if you registered your card, you can log in to your account.

What is the phone number for Ventra’s Customer Service

You can call Ventra Customer Service at 877-669-8368