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Previous Tuition Rates 2015-2016

Per Credit Hour
Admitted Summer 2015Spring 2016 $1,313
Admitted Summer 2013Spring 2015 $1,300
Admitted Summer 2012Spring 2013 $1,290
Admitted Summer 2011Spring 2012 $1,266
Admitted Summer 2010Spring 2011 $1,244
Admitted Spring 2010 and prior $1,198
Summer Courses (Summer 2015) $1,198
Short Courses 1.25 times per credit rate

Special Programs and Courses

MSED/MSI Masters Program $1,200/course
Leadership Collaborative $1,000/course
PESL Courses $1,349/course

Mandatory Fees

Per semester

Activity Fee
Full time $120.00
Part time $40.00/course
Student Service Fee
Full time $420.00
Part time $150.00
UPass Fee $135.00

Per year (billed during Fall semester)

Health Insurance $1439
For information about waivers and partial year pricing click here

Other Fees

Graduation Application Fee $320.00
Late Graduation Application Fee $100.00
New Student Fee $250.00
Housing and Meal Plans View Rates
Parking TBD
Graduate Certificate Fee $55.00
Revalidation of Outdated Course Fee $125.00

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