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Previous Institute of Design

Previous Tuition Rates 2015-2016

Full time (917.5 credits) Part time (fewer than 9 credits)
M.DES. $23,788 $1,901/credit
M.D.M. $28,539 $1,901/credit

Special Programs

Full time (up to 10.5 credits)
ID Grand Rapids Program $1,901/credit
ID Weekend Executive Program $1,901/credit

Mandatory Fees

Per semester

Activity Fee $100.00
UPass Fee $135.00

Per year (billed during Fall semester)

Health Insurance TBD
For information about waivers and partial year pricing click here.

Other Fees

Graduation Application Fee $320.00
Late Graduation Application Fee $100.00
Application Fee $100.00
Admissions Deposit $500.00

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