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Four-Month Payment Plan

This plan is new and allows families to divide their financial obligation into smaller payments over the course of the term. The first payment is made before classes begin, and subsequent installment payments are made monthly through the term.

FALL 2019 Schedule

spring 2020 Schedule

Payment 1 due: August 3, 2019 Payment 1 due: December 27, 2019
Payment 2 due: September 3, 2019 Payment 2 due: January 27, 2020
Payment 3 due: October 3, 2019 Payment 3 due: February 27, 2020
Payment 4 due: November 3, 2019 Payment 4 due: March 27, 2020

Instructions for Payment Plan Enrollment

You may enroll your semester's balance into the payment plan through the myIIT portal by following the Manage My Account icon.

Payment plan enrollment will be available on the Payment Plan tab six (6) weeks before the start of each semester.

Please view your account balance prior to enrolling in a payment plan. The payment plan automatically enrolls the entire amount due on your account into the plan. The plan will consider any financial aid authorized to disburse to your account to lower the enrollment amount. If you do not have authorized financial aid, you should reach out to financial aid to confirm you completed all necessary requirements to qualify for your financial aid. Once you enroll in the plan, you will not be able to make changes.