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Access Your 1098-T Online Through ECSI

If you have questions about the form or trouble accessing the form:

If You Know Your PIN

  1. Log in at
  2. This page will require three entries:
    • School Code: 7G
    • Account: Your SSN (without dashes)
    • Password: PIN assigned by ECSI

*The PIN was sent with the original mailing. If you do not know your PIN, see below.

If You Do Not Know Your PIN

  1. Go to
  2. Click on View Login Credentials (toward the bottom of the page)

  3. Enter required information and click Submit

  4. Required information to access the 1098-T form will be given (e.g., PIN). Please write down the PIN information provided

  5. Click the link to reopen the Login Page

  6. Enter required information (school code, SSN, and PIN)

  7. Click Login

  8. Under My Account, click on Tax Information

  9. Select the year and click View

For information regarding ECSI’s Web access of 1098Ts and general information regarding education tax credits, visit

The ECSI 1098-T Hotline number: 1.866.428.1098

Our office is unable to give any advice about filing taxes; please contact the IRS or your tax advisor with questions about taxes.

Click here for a complete FAQ about your 1098-T form