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Progress Report

SMART Goals Leader (Co-Leader) Status Update
1 Financial Strength John Anderson (P Laughlin/B Hughes) G=
a Resource Growth and Allocation John Anderson (P Laughlin/B Hughes) G= 1-Oct-11
b Capital Campaign Strategy and Plan Betsy Hughes G= 12-Aug-11
2 Distinctive IIT Graduate Alan Cramb (Russell Betts) Y+
a IPRO 2.0 Mike Gosz (Tom Jacobius) G= 7-Oct-11
b Entrepreneurship Harvey Kahalas (Nik Rokop) Y+ 12-Oct-11
c Leadership Academy Ellen Mitchell (Bruce Fisher) Y+ 17-Oct-11
d International Academy Darsh Wasan Y= 30-Sep-11
e Co-terminal Degree Programs Ali Cinar Y+ 16-Oct-11
3 Research Alan Cramb (Ali Cinar) Y=
a1 Energy and Sustainability Hamid Arastoopour G= 7-Oct-11
a2 Improving the Quality of Life Natacha DePaola Y= 21-Oct-11
a3 Food Safety & Health Robert Brackett Y+ 13-Oct-11
b1 Sustainable Innovation Patrick Whitney D
b2 Humanizing Technology Ellen Mitchell D
b3 Healthy Environments Donna Roberston Y+ 21-Sep-10
b4 Computation and Decision-making Russell Betts Y+ 30-Sep-11
b5 Policy and Technology Hal Krent Y+ 23-Sep-11
c1 SEED Harvey Kahalas Y+ 12-April-11
c2 Social Networking Ellen Mitchell Y= 7-Oct-11
c3 IP Management & Markets Hal Krent Y+ 23-Sep-11
4 Innovation and Excellence John Anderson (Alan Cramb) Y+
a Innovation Sandbox (Idea Shop) Alan Cramb (Mike Gosz) G= 8-Oct-11
b Innovation Alley David Baker Y= 7-Oct-11
c Incubator Construction David Baker G= 8-Aug-11
d Core Competencies by School Alan Cramb (Deans, A Cinar) Y+ 15-Oct-11
e Administrative Processes Pat Laughlin G= 1-Oct-11
f Diversity Mary Anne Smith Y+ 7-Oct-11
5 Engineering Reputation Natacha DePaola (Russell Betts/Ali Cinar) Y+
a Doctoral Student Funding Natacha DePaola Y+ 26-Sep-10
b Top Journal Publication Rate Natacha DePaola Y+ 26-Sep-10
c Faculty Research Activity Natacha DePaola G= 26-Sep-10
d Research Partnerships Natacha DePaola G= 26-Sep-10
e University Theme Participation Natacha DePaola Y+ 26-Sep-10

Key: Green - On target or plan + (plus) metric improving
Yellow - Near target or plan = (equal) metric steady
Red - Not achieving target or plan  (minus) metric declining
Purple - Unknown Reviewed by SPAAB
Blue - Discontinued