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Counseling Services

The Counseling Services unit of the Student Health and Wellness Center offers intake assessments, individual and group psychotherapy, psychiatry, and referral services to students currently enrolled at IIT. The senior staff of SHWC consists of three full-time, licensed clinical psychologists and one part-time psychiatrist who practice on Mies Campus. Additionally, we provide counseling services on the Downtown Campus. Because SHWC is a training facility, some of our therapists are psychology trainees, including one post-doctoral fellow and four to six practicum externs who are graduate students enrolled in doctoral psychology programs. Senior staff members supervise all psychology trainees.

SHWC would like to introduce you to - let's talk

Let’s Talk is a drop-in consultation service, providing one-on-one mental health support for students. Students can speak with a counselor for short appointments up to 20 minutes to address stress, anxiety, relationship problems, or any other concerns. No question is too big or too small. You don’t have to make an appointment, just walk in. Counselors can help students identify resources on and off campus, develop new ways to approach a problem, or simply offer a different perspective.

Let’s Talk consultations are:

  • Free for any IIT student

  • Confidential

  • Informal (consultations are not therapy sessions)

Where and When

  • Downtown campus, Room 290, from 3-4pm

  • Main campus hours to come in the future


  • Let’s Talk consultations are not a replacement for therapy or psychiatry. A Let’s Talk counselor will help you identify if your problem would be a better fit for therapy and offer the appropriate resources.

Let’s Talk is a program developed at Cornell University and implemented in several universities throughout the world.  Thank you to the Cornell University CAPS staff for creating this unique program to reach students.