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Dual Degree Students & Visiting Scholars

Your enrollment

Your coverage through the Student Health Insurance Plan will begin August 10, 2019 (fall) or January 6, 2020 (spring) and continue through August 9, 2020.

Insurance cards are not mailed out automatically. You can instead log on to Aetna Student Health’s website and use the Print Your Insurance Card tab, or contact Aetna at 800.841.3140 to request one be mailed to you.

Dependent Enrollment

If you are enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan, you may also purchase coverage for your eligible dependents. All eligible dependents enrolling for coverage must submit an Enrollment form to Aetna Benefit Planning Insurance Agent, Inc. You can enroll them online on Aetna Student Health’s website.

Opting out of the Student health insurance plan

*If you are considering waiving the SHIP, please see the 2019-2020 Comparable Coverage Checklist

Not all forms of health insurance are accepted to waive the student plan. Students are not permitted to waive the IL Tech student health insurance plan if they have coverage through:

  • A travel insurance company
  • A company outside of the United States
  • A company that only provides monthly coverage
  • A life insurance company

You must also be able to answer YES to the following questions:

My plan is currently active or will be active by the first day of class and I agree to maintain health insurance coverage throughout the 2019/2020 academic year.

My plan provides routine, non-emergency care, in addition to emergency care in the Chicago land area – must have local access to in-network providers.  This includes mental health care.  Coverage for emergency-only care does not satisfy this requirement.

My plan’s deductible is less than $6,001 for an individual and $12,000 for the family.

My plan is provided by a carrier that is approved to do business in the United States and is ACA compliant. This means you will receive 100% coverage for preventative care and contraceptive coverage, immunizations and screening test such as blood test screenings for Tuberculosis and sexually transmitted infections and diseases; as any other illness or injury; unlimited benefits.

My plan includes coverage for all pre-existing conditions with no waiting period.

My plan offers an unlimited policy year maximum.

My plan has coverage for injuries or illnesses that occur as a result of alcohol, drugs or attempted suicide as any other illness or injury.