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illinois Tech has contracted with Matrix Medical to perform COVID-19 surveillance testing. Testing is scheduled to take place on the Mies Campus outside of Hermann Hall, near the Man on the Bench Park from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM.
August 25th
september 8th
september 9th
september 21st
October 5th
October 19th
Additional testing dates may be scheduled in the month of September depending upon the need of the Illinois Tech Community. Please visit this website for updates on testing dates and locations.

Welcome  to the official website of the Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC)!

The SHWC provides health, advocacy, wellness, and knowledge to the students and community of IL Tech in order to promote holistic, lifelong success. We hope you will spend some time exploring the types of services we offer the IL Tech community and various ways we promote overall wellbeing. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a SHWC staff member, please phone us at 312.567.7550 or email us at


Mies Campus

IIT Tower

10 West 35th Street, 3rd Floor

Chicago, IL 60616
All services are available at Mies Campus.

Conviser Law Center

565 West Adams Street
2nd floor, Room 290

Chicago, IL 60661

By appointment only due to limited hours. Only counseling services are offered at the Conviser Law Center. 

SHWC'S Goal's for OUR Community

Students will be greeted warmly and made aware of hours of operations, walk in procedures, and services within the Student Health and Wellness Center.

Students will be aware of immunization requirements and insurance waiver information. At least 5 students will attend passive outreach events and at least 3 will attend active outreach events.

Students will be aware of medical services provided by the Student Health and Wellness Center.

Students will be proactive about their health concerns at each health visit and show progress towards becoming healthy.

Students will be aware of crisis services and where to seek help during a mental health crisis. Students who receive counseling services from the Student Health and Wellness Center will attend their individual or group sessions consistently and show progress towards improvement.