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Research Administration Services

In response to the current COVID-19 epidemic, all university-sponsored travel is suspended until further notice. This includes class activities, athletic endeavors, conference attendance, as well as all travel related to research activity at IIT. Additionally, the University has implemented an "essential spending only" mandate to ensure financial stability going forward. Spending may continue on research grants, but expenses will be subject to further review on non-grant related fund balances.

The Research Administration Service team is working closely with OSRP, Purchasing, and Finance to ensure up to date research and financial information is relayed during this unprecedented time. Communications sent by the OMB and other governmental agencies are being watched carefully, to ensure pertinent information is passed on to all faculty and staff. Please continue to monitor IIT office webpages for further updates and look for emailed communication. The University website contains up-to-date information and shared university communication regarding university plans and policies as well as important information from government authorities regarding COVID-19. For questions related to these nuances please feel free to reach out to the Senior Director Arielle Augustyn.

The mission of Research Administration Services (RAS) is to serve Illinois Tech research investigators, department administrators, and our partner research support offices by proactively providing post-award planning, and administrative support to those involved in sponsored research at Illinois TechFor research proposal and pre-award needs, faculty will continue to engage with the Office of Sponsored Research and Programs.)

RAS operates on a portfolio model, which means that each grant is assigned to one of our team members upon awarding. That team member will monitor spending, meet regularly with stakeholders and serve as a resource to connect researchers with administrative support throughout campus. 

Meet the Team


  • Award orientation when new grant arrives
  • Provide monthly reports for grant budgets and personnel
  • Redbudgeting, reallocation, and transfer requests
  • Forecasting and projecting
  • Time and effort monitoring and collection
  • Faculty learning/training programs and onboarding
  • Review and approve grant expenses processed through “Buy It” online procurement system

Other Research Support Services

Illinois Tech is structured to provide support for researchers and their grants.  The below diagram clarifies the grant life cycle, related IIT workflow, and resources available.