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The following tools are useful in planning and registering for the upcoming semester:

  • Guide to Student Self Service: Detailed procedure for registering using the myIIT portal system.

  • Guide to Searching for Core Curriculum Requirements: Detailed procedure for searching for humanities and social sciences electives that satisfy the core curriculum requirements via myIIT.

  • Class Schedule Search: Search all courses offered during the current semester.

  • Course Catalog Search: View all courses on record by semester.

  • Undergraduate Course Repeat: Undergraduate students planning to repeat a course to replace a previous grade must enter a petition via DegreeWorks in the myIIT portal, under the Academics tab.

  • Graduate Course Repeat: Graduate students who wish to repeat a course may make the request by completing the Graduate Course Repeat Request form.

  • Add/Drop Course with Minimum Hour Rules: Undergraduate registration is secured against accidently dropping below full-time status, once registered for full-time hours. This is to facilitate the earlier distribution of federal financial aid and refunds. Prior to reaching full-time hours, undergraduate students are able to add and drop courses between one and 11 credit hours. Maximum credit-hour restrictions remain unchanged for both graduate and undergraduate students.