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Please note that all students requesting registration for classes must first be admitted to the university. Click here for information on both graduate and undergraduate admissions.

Priority registration is followed for students beginning each registration period and it is based on a student's successfully completed, earned credit hours as follows:

Classification Number of Hours Registration Day
Athletes, Joint Program, ROTC (degree-seeking), and Students with Disabilities Any First day of registration
Continuing Education Any Second day of registration
Graduate Any Second day of registration
U5 (fifth-year undegrad) Greater than 131 earned hours Second day of registration
U4 (fourth-year undergrad) Greater than 90 earned hours Second day of registration
U3 (third-year undergrad) 60 or more earned hours Third day of registration
U2 (second-year undergrad) 30 or more earned hours Fourth day of registration
U1 (first-year undergrad) Less than 30 earned hours Fifth day of registration

Continuing Students

Continuing students who wish to register for the current term, but were not enrolled in the previous term, must be reinstated before registering. This can be done through the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs for undergraduate students, and the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs for graduate students.