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Department Permit and Time-Conflict Permit Approvers

An electronic permit is required to register for some courses. Additionally, students may need to request a permit to override a registration add error—see Registration Errors and Descriptions. Please note that an electronic permit differs from a faculty or staff member giving verbal permission to register for a course.

The following faculty/staff have been approved to manage their department's electronic permit process:

Department/Unit Contact Office Email Address Phone
Applied Mathematics (Undergraduate Students Only) Fred Weening RE 208 312.567.8980
Applied Mathematics (Graduate Students Only) Igor Cialenco RE 125B 312.567.3131
Architecture Cynthia Torres CR UC4 312.567.8835
Jaucinta Burt CR UC4 312.567.3231
Armour College of Engineering (ENGR Courses Only) Bonnie Haferkamp PH 224 312.567.5331
Darci McHale PH 224 312.567.3848
Biology Tanya Bekyarova PS 182D 312.567.3428
Andrew Howard PS 174 312.567.5881
Nicholas Menhart PS 352 312.567.3123
Kathryn Spink PS 146C 312.567.3441
Jialing Xiang PS 294 312.567.3491
Biomedical Engineering John Georgiadis WH 314 312.567.5790
Jennifer Kang-Mieler WH 204 312.567.3860
Georgia Papavasiliou WH 222 312.567.5959
Career Management Center (All Students Except Stuart) CMC Advisors HH 113 312.567.6800
Career Management Center (Stuart Students Only) CMC Advisors IT 18th Floor 312.906.6500
Chemical and Biological Engineering (Undergraduate Students Only) Victor Perez-Luna PH 127 312.567.3963
Chemical and Biological Engineering Beatrice Person PH 127 312.567.3533
Chemical and Biological Engineering (Graduate Students Only) David Venerus WH 104 312.567.5177
Chemistry Diep Nguyen PS 148B 312.567.8924
Zabel Panosyan PS 160 312.567.3442
Benjamin Zion PS 106C 312.567.3229
Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering Charlotte Jackson AM 228C 312.567.3541
College of Science (SCI Courses Only) Elizabeth Friedman RE 220 312.567.7973
Computer Science Computer Science Registration N/A N/A
Electrical and Computer Engineering Jafar Saniie SH 105 312.567.3412
Food Science and Nutrition (FDSN, FPE, and FST Courses) Todd Diel MF 91-215 708.563.8190
Graduate Academic Affairs (GCS Courses Only) N/A IT 7D7-1 312.567.3024
Humanities Matthew Bauer SH 218 312.567.7967
Warren Schmaus SH 228 312.567.3473
Industrial Technology and Management (INTM) Pamela Houser TS 4004 312.567.3584
Cynthia Spoor TS 4001 312.567.3652
Information Technology and Management (ITM) Jeremy Hajek RC 209 630.682.6075
Ryan Nelson PH 223 312.567.5192
Raymond Trygstad PH 223 630.447.9009
Institute of Design Rachel Dean DT 455 312.595.4906
Intensive English Program English Language Services TS 4041 312.567.5220
Interprofessional Project (IPRO) Tom Jacobius TB 050 312.567.3986
Rima Kuprys TB 050 312.567.3448
Chicago-Kent College of Law Jerry Seaton DT 220A 312.906.5080
Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering (MMAE) Jessica Nicholson RE 243 312.567.3177
Mathematics and Science Education Norman Lederman TS 4008 312.567.3658
Sharon Grant TN 4022 312.567.3660
Physics Sally Laurent-Muehleisen PS 164 312.567.5876
Professional Development (PCA Courses) PCA Program Managers N/A N/A
Professional Development (PESL Courses) PESL Program Managers N/A N/A
Professional Development (Domestic and International Certificate Courses) Nuala Power PH 221 312.567.5282
Psychology Kristina Bauer TC 212 312.567.5349
Social Sciences Rebecca Steffenson SH 116 312.567.5132
Stuart School of Business (Undergraduate Students) John Twombly IT 18F4-1 312.567.3997
Stuart School of Business (ACE Courses) ACE Program Manager N/A 312.906.6586
Stuart School of Business (Master Courses) Stuart Graduate Advisors IT 13th Floor N/A
Stuart School of Business (Ph.D. Students) Siva Balasubramanian IT 18C3-1 312.567.6516