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Information for Vendors


As of January 2016 the fake Requests for Quotation and Purchase Orders continue.


SPECIAL NOTICE to those who may receive a “Request for Quotation” for goods and/or services from IIT:

Since July 16, 2014, IIT has been the victim of identity theft with a scammer using a fake IIT “Request for Quotation” document indicating issuance by Frank FioRito.  This is a Fraudulent Action.  The “Request for Quotation” is not issued by IIT or Frank FioRito.  Please take no action on this “Request for Quotation”.

On July 25, 2014, the scammer began to email fake purchase orders. These purchase orders are NOT LEGITIMATE.  They are NOT issued by IIT and the signature is a forgery.  DO NOT SUPPLY GOODS OR SERVICES IN RESPONSE TO THESE PURCHASE ORDERS.

IIT uses controlled documents for bid solicitations and for issuance of purchase orders.  IIT Purchasing contact information is maintained on this website and is available for verification of IIT Purchasing correspondence.

“When in doubt, check it out.”

IIT is interested in developing and maintaining strong vendor relationships by identifying competent vendors, entering into mutually beneficial transactions, and adhering to the highest ethical standards in order to establish IIT as a preferred customer.

If you have established a relation with IIT and are awaiting a pending order, you should complete the Nominated Vendor Application Form.  Completion of the form is a requirement for vendors awarded contracts by IIT.

As a result of IIT’s decentralized purchasing structure, vendors may be contacted by many different buyers: faculty, department administrators, staff, students, even the Purchasing Department.  It is important for vendors to understand whether the individual contacting them has the authority to bind IIT to a sales contract.

It is also important for vendors to understand what they need to do to get paid once they have fulfilled their contracts.  The following information should be of help in doing so.

IIT's Conditions of Purchase

IIT's Terms