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Purchasing at Illinois Institute of Technology is decentralized with centralized oversight.

Each department has a budget and is responsible for the careful use of that budget in making purchases.  Each department is responsible for following Illinois Tech's Purchasing Policy and Procedures in making its purchases.

In this decentralized environment departments often evaluate and choose their own vendors following the IIT Purchasing Policy and Procedures. The Purchasing Department works to identify common purchase opportunities that can lead to volume agreements.  An example of these are the agreements Illinois Tech has in place with travel providers.

Illinois Institute of Technology Travel Partners

All who are associated with Illinois Institute of Technology (Students, Alumni, Prospective Students, Family, Friends, Colleagues, Neighbors, etc.) are welcome to participate in Illinois Tech's travel agreements.  Hotel rates can vary due to season, room vacancies, and promotional opportunities.  When contacting a participating Illinois Tech Travel Partner, make sure to tell them that you want the Illinois Tech rate or the best available rate.

Finally, the Purchasing Department is responsible for maintaining the Illinois Tech Purchasing Policy and Procedures and the information on this web site.

Purchasing Forms