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Russell BettsWelcome to Illinois Institute of Technology!

The heart of any great university is its faculty—and its hallmark is its graduates. Together, they are a powerful force for change, creativity, and innovation.

Faculty research advances the frontiers of knowledge, informs us about the human spirit, and challenges us to think beyond the ordinary. It sometimes answers a question at hand—and at times sets other wheels in motion by questioning the status quo.

Important research and good teaching go hand-in-hand. Great scholars find great joy in sharing their expertise with the next generation—engaging them in the process of discovery and encouraging them to look at the world through their own lens.    

And great faculty are also sought-after collaborators. They increasingly work as part of a multidisciplinary team, which means they need to “bring to the table” strong interpersonal and communication skills in addition to professional acumen.

At Illinois Tech, our students’ educational experience is in large part shaped by our faculty—and we are most fortunate to have distinguished scholars and teachers in areas ranging from architecture, engineering, law, and human sciences to applied technology, design, science, and business. Our roster of endowed professorships continues to grow, and we are attracting new faculty from prestigious institutions to join our academic community.

The student experience is also shaped by distinctive undergraduate programs that focus on interdisciplinary collaborations and graduate programs that have a “future focus.” And, as described by one of our colleges, we like to say that our students stand at the intersection of human behavior and technology—a good place to be in a world that is becoming increasingly tech-centric and in danger of becoming socially isolated.

Life outside the classroom is also a critical component of student success at our university. Opportunities to network, form close friendships, explore, discover, play sports, test one’s creative skills, and just have fun are all part of the university experience. And at Illinois Tech, our students have many chances to lead, be part of a team, and follow their own paths. 

As provost, I look forward to working with the faculty who continue to bring recognition to our institution through their scholarship, teaching, and service. And I have no doubt that our graduates will continue Illinois Tech’s proud legacy of “making a meaningful difference.” This journey has just begun.

Russell Betts
Interim Provost