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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note, with the recent implementation of the Buy It eMarketplace, Procurement Services is actively updating the FAQ section of our website.  

Purchasing Related frequently Asked Questions

Accounts Payable Related fRequently Asked Questions

P-Card Related fRequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Related Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct and policy compliant procure-to-pay process at Illinois Tech?

Regardless of the purchasing amount, the correct procure-to-pay process must be followed to be compliant with the University’s Procurement Policy.  Following the correct process also reduces the back-and-forth interaction with Purchasing and Accounts Payable, reduces frustration, and saves time and effort for the department and Procurement staff members alike.

For more information, please visit the Procure-to-Pay Process web page.

When do I need to do a requisition and get a PO? 

A Buy It eMarketplace purchase order (PO) is the preferred purchasing method for applicable University purchases regardless of the dollar amount. It is done through a requisition process in Buy It, the University’s eProcurement system, which encumbers funding and routes in the system for departmental, budgetary approvals, before it is converted into a PO by Procurement Services and dispatched to the vendor. A PO will reference the University’s terms and conditions and states that payment should not be remitted to any invoice that does not reference a PO number.

Procurement Services strongly encourage departments to go through the requisition process and have a PO in place prior to receipt of goods or services from a vendor. After the fact POs or retrofit orders issued solely for the purpose of paying an invoice for goods and services already received/performed is not a leading practice and is therefore generally not permitted.

For more information, please visit the Purchasing Methods web page.

How do I do a requisition in Buy It eMarketplace and what supporting documents do I need?

The requisition process is initiated in Buy It eMarketplace, supported by various documents attached / uploaded to the online requisition.  

Once the Requisition is completed and submitted by the requisitioner, it will be work-flowed in Buy It for departmental approval, Grants approval if it's on a grant fund (3- fund), before arriving in the Purchasing queue for review.  When it is approved, the Requisition is then processed into a Purchase Order (PO) that is emailed to the vendor with a copy emailed to the requisitioner.

For more information, please visit the Requisition Process web page.

How do I check the status of my requisitions, purchase orders, invoices?

Departmental users can easily check the status of any requisitions, purchase orders, and invoices, as well as approve them, directly in Buy It eMarkplace.

Just click on the requisition, purchase order, or invoice number in Buy It to further review the details, approve it, or to see the status of approval and /or payment.

When do I need to get 3 quotes vs. conduct a formal bidding/RFP process? 

While the threshold for the required 3 quotes is $10,000 or more over the same fiscal year with the same vendor, departmental end users are encouraged to obtain quotes for any amount to ensure that they gain an understanding of the market and are getting competitive pricing.  The utilization of University Preferred Suppliers are highly encouraged as Procurement Services already negotiated or competitively bid out the contract to obtain competitive pricing and service terms on behalf of the University.

Any purchase of $250,000 or more need to go through a formal RFP or Bidding process.

For more information, please visit the Purchasing Threshold web page.

When do I need a contract? 

If a purchase need/order/requisition aggregates or will aggregate to $100,000 or more in any given fiscal year, University policy mandates that the contract related to such transaction MUST be reviewed by the Office of General Counsel prior to execution.  

Not everyone can sign a contract.  An individual does not have authority to initiate or to enter into a contract or transaction, and should not represent that he or she has authority unless such authority is specifically provided for in the Q.1 Authority for Negotiation and Approval of Contracts.  If authority is not clear, the Office of General Counsel should be consulted.  Illinois Tech shall have no obligation to honor contracts or transactions entered into that are not in compliance with this policy.  Anyone who acts in violation of this policy is subject to discipline in accordance with applicable procedures.

For more information, please visit the Contracting web page.

How do I request a new supplier to be added? 

Only Procurement Services can create new vendors in the University's vendor data base once all the requirements have been met and the necessary documents provided by the requesting department and the vendor.

Please follow the instruction in the Requesting a New Supplier section of the Procurement Services website.

Accounts Payable Related Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ensure that my vendors are paid in a timely fashion? 

For accurate and timely vendor invoice payment, please ensure that you do the following: 

  • Go through the appropriate requisition process and obtain an Illinois Tech PO prior to engaging the vendors for products and services
  • Ask that the vendor reference the Illinois Tech PO number on their invoice
  • Make sure that the vendor submits the invoice directly to Accounts Payable for processing
  • Approval the invoice in Banner Self Service in a timely fashion
  • Make sure that the FOAP you are using to pay the invoice is not in NSF (Insufficient Funds)

When and how do I do a Request for Check? 

A check request for payment of vendor invoice direct to a vendor is allowed only for purchases of less than $500 unless it is covered by one of the exceptions listed on the Check Request web page.

In these cases, the vendors have already provided the low dollar products or services, and a vendor invoice is delivered to the department for payment.

For check request payments, the department must complete the Request for Check Form and signed and approved by the departmental approver.  The invoice must be attached to the completed and signed Request for Check Form and inter-campus mailed to the Accounts Payable department for processing.

P-Card Related Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a P-Card? 

For information on how to apply for a P-Card, please visit the P-Card Application Process web page.

How do I view my account statements online? 

Visit the Visa Intellinlink system through the following link:

Type in your User ID (which is your Illinois Tech email address) and Password.  You must also establish a memorable word.  As an added security feature, you will be required to enter specific letters from your memorable word.  The website will randomly select the letters required.

FIRST TIME USERSUpon issuance of a new card, you will receive an email with a temporary password to Intellinlink.

What are my Monthly Credit, Single Transaction, and Travel Limits? 

Monthly Credit Limit is the total amount you can charge to your P-Card in a billing cycle and is found on your Cardholder Agreement.  This value may change if you requested to increase or decrease your monthly credit limit.

Single Transaction Limit for all P-Cards is $2,499; any transaction above $2,499 is considered a capital asset and must be obtained through the requisition process.

Travel Limits are equal to your Monthly Credit Limit

What am I Not Allowed to purchase with the P-Card? 

Under no circumstances can the P-Card be used for the following types of purchases: 

  • Purchase of Gift Cards / eGift Cards
  • Any purchase of services, especially those that fall under policy E.6 Insurance Requirements for Third Parties, including bus charters
  • Postage stamps
  • Construction related services
  • Leases, rentals, repeating periodic service agreements
  • Hazardous and radioactive/nuclear materials
  • Animals of any type
  • Capital equipment ($2,500 or greater)
  • Items for resale
  • Fuel purchases for personal vehicles

Is there anything I should do before traveling out of State or Country? 

Contact PNC Bank 1-800-685-4039 to notify them where you will be traveling so that they know the charges are legitimate and not fraudulent.

Are there any fees associated with International Transactions? 

There are no international transaction fees charged using the PNC Visa card.

What happens if my P-Card is lost or stolen? 

The card will need to be closed immediately, you can call the number printed on the back of your card.  You must also notify the Procurement Card Administrator at A new card will be issued. 

What should I do if I have a legal name change? 

E-mail the Procurement Card Administrator at providing the name printed on your P-Card, the last four digits of your P-Card, and your legal name change.  You will receive a new PCard within 10 to 14 days

How do I correct a personal purchase made on a P-Card? 

Personal purchases on P-Cards are strictly prohibited and monitored by Procurement Services.

If you made a personal purchase on your P-Card by accident or mistake, you need to notify the Procurement Card Administrator at and provide a detailed explanation as to why the prohibited purchase was made.  Deliver the reimbursement check, made out to the Illinois Institute of Technology, to the Procurement Card Administrator at 3424 S. State Street, TC, Room 4A7-2, and provide receipt support.

How do I cancel my P-Card? 

Notify the Procurement Card Administrator at that you want to close your P-Card.  State the last four digits of your card and reason for closure, if applicable.  Please shred the closed P-Card