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Deborah Adesina

Deborah Adesina"This RES-MATCH project gave me an opportunity to practice what I have learnt in my tissue engineering classes and apply it to the real world. With COVID happening last year, I lost the opportunity to go into the labs physically and being able to do that now made my experience great. This also gave an insight on what research and development departments in biopharma companies do.”


Rediet Adugna

Rediet Adugna

"The purpose of this project is to stimulate primary fibroblast cells that produce increased levels of collagen, which is critical in tissue repair. The goal is to potentially use collagen inducing fibers to aid in tissue regeneration for Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) patients. This project gave me an opportunity to enhance my data analysis and research skills. It also gave me a chance to learn how to perform various experiments including Immunostaining, Fibroblast cell seeding, Silk protein extraction and purification. I am grateful for Dr. Rong Wang and the Chemistry Department at Illinois Tech to have held a program that helps students gain more experience in researching fields. I had the opportunity to work with great people and learn from them, and I also contributed towards a better cause which gives me the most meaning out of this researching opportunity. I hope that this program will continue to thrive in the future.”


Gabriel Beutel

“This Res-Match opportunity has been amazing this semester. It has provided me with a chance to get into research during my first year at IIT. I also l earned a lot from this research, from how to find things online to project tracking systems/benefits. This opportunity I also feel has helped me get experience i n what I want to do after college, product development and design.”


Stephanie Brink

“Overall, this was an incredible experience to get more involved with computer science, applied mathematics, and biomedical engineering topics and see an application of how these fields intersect. This is definitely an area that I am interested in pursuing long term and I am grateful for the opportunity to see for myself whether I like machine learning in practice or not.”


Aaron Gregory

“Overall, the hands-on experience I have gained through this RES-MATCH research project has been some of the most educational time that I have spent in my academic career. It has taught me much about the research process and how it is not always clear-cut or simple. I have also become exposed to the basic operations of a research lab and gained experience using a variety of instrumentation. With the knowledge I have obtained, I believe I am better prepared for my future academic and eventual professional career.”


Sadie Meunier

“This was an overall very enjoyable experience! It really gave me a force to get out of the house and actively back to work since the pandemic began. Also, it’s taught me a ton of lab etiquette. I found myself beating myself up when an experiment did not work; but sometimes that’s science and you must go back to try again. A huge thank you for this opportunity, and I look forward to continuing this project thru to completion.”


Muhammad Taha Navaid

“Overall, my experience with the RES-MATCH (Biomedical Science and Engineering) was fruitful and I learned a lot during this semester long research project. It was a means by which I can apply my classroom knowledge to a practical application and try to use the theoretical concepts that I know to improve on an existing idea. This was my very first time conducting proper research and experimentation, on my own, and that my instructor/professor (Dr. Wang) was very helpful during the process in guiding me through this research. I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in pursuing a side project and want to do something challenging yet rewarding outside of class.”


Khiem Nguyen

“RES-MATCH has been an eye-opening experience for me. Coming in as a Computer Science student and residing halfway around the world, I had many concerns, but Dr. Kawaji and other Lab members from the Magnetic Resonance Technology Discovery Lab (MRTD) helped me push through this whole experience. I feel like this is just the beginning in my journey whether I choose to follow the academic path or go on into the industry.”


Kunj Patel

"All in all, this RESMATCH was about more than just research. It taught me about professionalism in doing lab work and I certainly learned how to use instruments such as the X-ray diffraction machine and how to interpret UV-vis spectra. It relieved my preconceived fear of public speaking and made me more confident in doing research as an undergraduate student. Furthermore, I learned about the mechanisms behind photoluminescence and got to learn about d orbitals. Most importantly, I learned about how the research process works. I used my student independence (along with Dr. Mao’s guidance) to pick literature papers I found interesting and relevant to my research and use the information I learned to propose modifications to my experimental process.”


Kristen Raffanti

“This project pushed me past my comfort zone. Throughout this project I gained a lot of confidence in asking questions and clarifying myself. Because of this, I began taking initiative and felt comfortable making mistakes. I also gained technical experience during this project, I was able to do some 3d modelling and utilize the idea shop for 3d printing. Overall, this project gave me a lot of confidence in myself and excited to do more research work in the future.”


Shelby Kroeger

“I learned a great deal through this project, and I am glad to have been provided with this opportunity.”


Colin Harris

“The RES-MATCH 2021 Spring 2021 program gave me the unique experience to actively contribute to revolutionary research. I worked with Dr. Vaicik on her heart rheology project. The project was fantastic. It allowed me to get a sneak peak into what I want to be doing when I graduate and join the professional world. The project certainly faced its fair share of challenges, but we prevailed as a team and the goals of the project were attained. My specific role in the project was to determine the differences between two processing methods and determine whether or not we could use the faster of the two processing methods and make the project more efficient as a whole. This type of research is crucial for a few reasons. Dr. Vaicik and her team that now includes myself analyze heart tissue in a way that is has never been done before, revolutionizing everything I knew about heart tissue and healthcare as a whole. I feel excited to be doing such research, and contributing to the general knowledge of science and health, because this is the type of feeling that convinced me that I want to become a biomedical engineer.”


Marissa Redington

“I learned a lot from Dr. Kawaji and the MRTD lab graduate students throughout this experience. My fellow undergraduate lab members and I took more of a collaborative approach to our research projects because there was a fair amount of overlap, especially on general research processes. It was astonishing to see how well the knowledge and skills from our different majors merged to work towards a common goal like improving image filtering and data analysis. I learned quickly that debugging code over Zoom is very difficult and time consuming, but this made me appreciate the research process more. I am very grateful that I got to be a part of RES-MATCH, and I can’t wait to continue working with Dr. Kawaji and the rest of the MRTD lab.”


Alex Negron

Alex Negron"I credit my research during the RES-MATCH program for initiating my deep interest in mathematical biology. Since RES-MATCH, I have started a fellowship in Computational Neuroscience at the University of Chicago funded by the Simons Foundation.”