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Microfluidic Drug-Microbiota Interaction Platform

Intestinal microbiota affect our health by altering the metabolism of drugs. These drug-microbiota interactions have lowered the efficacy of approved drugs in large subsets of patients. The lack of a tool to quantify these interactions leaves us vulnerable, especially with the increased use of probiotics and an upsurge in antibiotic resistance. The problem is exacerbated due to the lack of physiological models to represent the intestinal microenvironment. The team proposes to disrupt the field by building a discovery platform to assess these interactions using a more physiologically relevant model of the intestine.

Team Members

Abhinav Bhushan (Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering)
Genoveva Murillo (Research Assistant Professor, Biology, IIT Research Institute)
Rajendra Mehta (Professor Emeritus, Biology, IIT Research Institute)